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Bret Comments on WWE’s Hart DVD, Post-RAW Footage Airing on SmackDown

– Ted sent word that Bret Hart made the following comments on his Facebook regarding WWE’s upcoming Hart Family DVD:

“It’s been especially rewarding watching the rough cut of the new Hart Family DVD coming out by the WWE in April with candid interviews by several of my sisters and brothers, who offer interesting perspectives on things that even I didn’t know. This video will impress any fans that knew and loved my family. The research of footage is as impressive as any DVD project undertaken by WWE Home Video. Clips of the old Stampede days both in black and white and in color, along with rare family photos and personal interviews with varying brothers and sisters, bring back memories of imagery from Hart House family dinners, the dungeon, the Victoria Pavilion, and even Clearwater Beach. This April, I’ll proudly put this DVD next to my favorites in my collection. -Bret”

– WWE announced on last night’s ECW that on this Friday’s SmackDown, they will be showing footage of what happened between Batista and John Cena after this week’s RAW when Cena made the save for Bret Hart.

  • DK Monster

    Ok.. Do we really want to force Bret into actually wrestling?
    Of course he was one of the best ever during his prime
    but for god’s sakes the guy is over 50 years old and
    here’s a man who suffered a stroke few years ago..
    I personally don’t want to see Bret do any action in the ring for his own causes.

  • darryl

    Tell You the truth. THe Best Man To truly Represent Bret Would Be EDGE. and Yes Because He’s Canadian. Edge Has got to a point that Bret Got too. Edge can have a match with anyone and hell he talked them into the seats the Summerslam wit taker. remember Taker wasn’t there Edge Sold the whole thing. But I Digress. I’d Rather See EDGE the Champ.. and I think He should Challenge Christian. I know The wwECW title Means Nothing. But think about Edge Vs. Christian For the Gold at Wrestle Mania. What a Match and It would be. But I digress again. Cena Is the Number 1 Guy in the Company. and He has the youngest fans. therefore. Vince is making Sure the Generation that will Survive him. Remembers Bret and Stu…and Of Course OWEN. Thank you Vince Macmahon

  • Osi

    Yeah most likely it will be Cena w/Bret vs Batista w/Vince, and maybe after the match Cena turns heel and joins Vince? Just an idea…

  • Will Henderson

    the only reason why they are showing Cena saving Hart on Raw on SmackDown is because the USA network must not ok Raw to go past 10:05 PM (US Central Time, which is my time zone) this week.

  • Matt

    Bret can’t and won’t wrestle, Cena w/ Bret VS Batista w/ Vince…

  • Scooter

    the difference between cena and bret isn’t even in wrestling ability its in what bret did for the business my comment was supposed to direct to what Bret did for the smaller guys in the business Cena’s not the same kind of wrestler as Bret it should be a smaller more technical based wrestler that represents him and batista is the perfect choice since Bret got through the glass ceiling of roid taking body builders to get to the top sorry it came off in such a stupid cena hating way

  • Simon

    Yeah it’ll be like WM23, Vince and Bret in the corners of protecters, Batista & Cena, Cena put himself as Bret’s man when he stuck up to Vince last week.

  • Mark

    Bret is very limited what he can do in the ring as shown on Monday. If he is with Cena then, he can carry the match.

  • HHH

    I hate Cena… But I repect him, and Bret did say he wanted to work with him… scooter says some of the Stupidest stuff I see on wrestling-edge

  • baddog_1_2k

    Seems wrong that the excellence of execution is in the corner of john cena.

  • rick james bish

    Without regard to your personal opinion of Cena or his abilities, he is still the biggest star in the company – just as Bret was in his day. I’d much rather see Bret represented by the most popular guy on the roster than by some random mid-carder. Not only that, as Gav said, this clears the main event for some new talent/angles. I have no complaints with this setup if they choose to follow through on it.

  • E=mc2

    I agree he did say he wanted to work with Cena

  • A

    Scooter STFU okay.

    Has it ever occurred to you that Bret Hart wanted to work with John Cena.

    Considering he has praised Cena a lot in various interviews.

  • scooter

    cena has no right to represent Bret nuff said here

  • bingobear

    racist cheesehandler!!!

  • cheesehandler

    or maybe like an umaga/lashley deal seeing how bret cant do much

  • Symbiote

    Probably be a tag match…Bret & Cena Vs McMahon & Batista.

  • gav

    looks like its cena w/bret vs batista w/mcmahon at mania atleast this keeps the main event open for younger stars doubt it will go this way but fingers crossed