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Bret Hart Apologizes for Pat Patterson Gay Jibe, Kurt Angle Next on Austin’s Podcast

– Kurt Angle has been announced as the next feature guest on Steve Austins next Podcast.

– Bret Hart has posted the following apology, following a joke he made during he appreciation night. During a segment with Pat Patterson, Patterson got down on a knee to praise Bret as the greatest Canadian wrestler of all time. Bret then joked that he gets nervous when Patterson gets on his knees. For those that do not know, Patterson is openly gay. Following the backlash he faced, Hart released the following comments today:

“I sincerely apologize to anyone that was in any way offended by my in-ring joke to Pat Patterson on Monday, especially to Pat … whom I hold in the highest regard. I was only trying to take some of the edge off an emotionally challenging moment and I failed. The comment does not in any way reflect my feelings toward the gay and lesbian community. B”

  • CC

    At the end of the day, from what I have read over the years in books by various wrestlers, Pat has always been one of those guys who plays up the gay jokes himself, and has no issue with his friends ribbing him. Thats all Bret did, but because he was in public, people have got all butt hurt about it.
    If Pat is upset, thats another story, but I doubt he is. People need to stop worrying about everyone elses shit, and worry about their own.

  • Matt Trovato

    People need to stop getting so butt hurt over these jokes.

  • Scooter

    Gotta say WWE really broke boundrys back in the day, first IC champ was gay and they had the first black tag team champions.

  • Christian Hendrix

    so that’s why he enjoyed the hardcore evening gown match 🙂