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Bret Hart Explains Why He Never Wrestled Hulk Hogan in 1993

In part 3 of of the sit down interview with The Score’s Arda Ocal and Bret Hart, Bret talks about why he never faced Hulk Hogan in WWE in 1993. Bret says Hogan was scared:

  • Diesel

    Just shows you what a egotistical jackass Hogan is, I know he was always labelled as one of the biggest stars of the 80’s/90’s but he was MASSIVELY overrated in my opinion and was nothing more than a walking cartoon. He damn sure wasn’t on the same level as the likes of Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels & Curt Hennig thats for sure (and why he got title reigns and Hennig didn’t is beyond me), and the sad thing is we’ve got to witness it all over again with a new Hogan 2.0 in John Cena.

  • Angry benny

    @jason, I agree, Tna isn’t a good draw and will never become anything until they lose Bischoff and Hogan and Garrett, but you know that, you won’t admit it, you may say how may run business in the back, but any monkey can, Tna will NEVER MAKE THE RATINGS!!!! Tna lost its key element WRESTLING!! You guys only have Austin Aries, thats it, you guys just let AJ Styles job to his own fortune members, when he was a contender for the title a year ago, Jeff Hardy is a bum, Angle is too old and predictable, Samoe Joe hasn’t been used to his full potential, Eric Young is made into a joke, then serious, then a joke again, WHO THE FUCK IS WRITING THIS SHIT!!! I could write better on 2 doses of acid and a bellyfull of painkillers, All the talent in the world and no person to lead them, thats why tna will die

  • Joshy


    But tna isnt a good product…

  • Jason

    Hart had the Undertakers, the Sid’s and the HBK’s to help him keep WWF from going under in 1996. But even then they still could not sell out venues or make a profit. By 1997 it was make it or break it time for WWF because WCW was so close to putting the WWF/E out of business for good. Another six months and it would have happened.

    I’ll use JR’s words also in this case as he said that he see’s TNA like how the WWF was in 1997. A good product that was still trying to find it’s fanbase.

    The TV market was dif back then vs. what it is today. This is why I keep telling you marks that TV ratings in 2012 don’t really mean as much as they did 10 and 15 years ago. Too many dif ways/markets for people to be able to watch things now a days. If the rating system was like it was back in 1997 for both WCW and WWF like it is today with WWE and TNA we would be seeing a whole other picture with TV ratings in 2012. But it is not so that is not the case.

  • CiB

    @ Jason

    It’s not true or fair to suggest that Hart was not a draw. Was he as big a draw as the NWO? No. But if the WWF still sold out arena’s, PPVs, etc. Still got better ratings than what Cena and Orton can bring in without competition, etc. Simply put, had Hart not been a draw at all then there would not have been a WWF for The Rock and Austin to become mega stars in.

    He kept the company afloat. Didn’t swim particularly well, but he stopped it drowning.

  • Jason

    Why would Hogan want to wrestle a no draw like Hart? From a business stand point it would make no sense at all. Starrcade 1998 was the time that a Hart vs. Hogan match should have happened but sadly never did.

  • devontet

    Hmm interesting.

  • bb

    That why hulk hogan gay