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Bret Hart Says HHH’s Match with Undertaker Was Mediocre

Bret Hart spoke with Wrestle Talk TV Extra. Here are some of the things he had to say about Triple H.

“I have a certain amount of respect for Triple H. I remember when he first came in, I remember commenting on stuff that he did. Because I’d usually give wrestlers my thoughts and try to help them on stuff… Triple H has always been a good wrestler. But great? What is he now, a 1,000 time world champion? How great really is he?

“I look at [CM] Punk… I can look at certain wrestlers and I go, this guy is an innovator. Like a Rey Mysterio, who’s done stuff that no one has ever thought of before. Punk has done stuff — really unique moves and you go, ‘gee I’ve never seen anything like that before.’ They innovate all the time, and they create new sequences and moves and things.

“Then you look at someone like Triple H. When I look at him — he’s always had a good look as far as his body went — he always had a pretty muscular physique. But you look at someone like Hunter and you wonder, what has he really done. One move that he ever created that nobody ever saw before or some highspots or an idea for a match… He’s mostly a guy that just showed up and they made him. He’s always been a decent wrestler — I would consider him a good wrestler and pretty talented. But great? I don’t know, I don’t think so.

“What has he ever done that’s great? He’s never had a great match, I don’t think ever. Whenever I look at Triple H’s matches, including the last one he had with Undertaker — and I don’t really mean it as a knock — but I told myself before I watched it because I’m trying to like Paul now these days, that I want to see him do something to make me think he’s got greatness in him.

“Before Triple H wrestled Undertaker last year, I remember watching it and going, ‘I can picture the whole match in my head, I can tell you exactly what this match is going to be like and how it’s going to go. And I remember watching it and it went exactly how I predicted it… I thought it was mediocre at best, maybe a 4 out of 10, or 3 out of 10.

“I think Paul is a little overrated… overrated for being great. I can sit here and tell you that there was one match that he ever had with anybody that I thought was great. It’s kind of a shame, he should have a great match somewhere with somebody. And you’d think that he would have had it by now, but I don’t think he’s a great wrestler.”

  • EKiLL88

    brutal point bud, might wanna go back to the drawing board… everyone knows that wasnt a match, including the Hitman… Any way you cut it, Bret has had several great matches and Triple H has had none. The best part of an “H” match is the amazing bulid video before the match and when the bell rings at he end of it.

  • Swasz

    Yes he is a descent wrestler.I can quickly remember his match against cactus jack at royal rumble 2000 and the way he performed the pedigree on the thumbtacks was absolutely brilliant,his match in hell in a cell and many great matches but yes he is definately way much better then new gen wrestlers like cena or batista.Some of my fav wrestlers are Angle,HBK,Rock,Taker,Lesnar and also Austin(Austin may not have several moves but his presence and also the brawler like moves make him good) and also upto some extent Edge(when he was in early 2000’s he used to hit various moves and his matches against Angle were also great but later part in his career he reduced many moves) and also Benoit and Y2J.I like matches which go to and fro like counter upon counter.One of the best matches I still remember is Vengeance 2002 main event(The best triple threat match I have ever seen)

  • Rilwan Prince

    Look back yeah – HBK vs Cena (who carried who), Lesnar vs Cena was the worst!!! It was great seeing Lesnar beat Cena but it was a horrible match overall, and Cena vs Edge…come on Edge carried Cena the way through. Cena can’t have a good match on his own, look at TLC against Dolph Ziggler, Ziggler made him look good. His fights with Big Show and Kane was horrible. The match against The rock wasn’t magical. Cena never carried wrestling, his a promoters toy meaning he carries the company to promote their mechanise. But to carry wrestling i don’t think so…there are so many wrestlers through the years that carried the company.

  • mohamed elkatatnee

    I Think u forgot Cena Vs Umaga ( Royal Rumble 2007 )

    Cena Vs Hbk ( Wrestlemania 23 )

    Cena Vs HHH ( WrestleMania 22 )

    Cena Vs Lesnar ( Extreme Rulez )

    Cena Vs Edge ( Unforgiven )

    All these Matches and You are Saying that Cena Can`t Make a Good match ?

    He has been Carrying the Company for years and With All respect for Cm Punk but CENA is the Main Reason why Punk had his Push ( Remember 2011 ? )

    And About Bret hart . Yes , You are Right . Triple H Has been in the Company since the Golden Era and Has Really Gave us Epic Matches

  • Mark

    Bret stays acting the fool. Nothing like a legend ruining his legacy with constant fool remarks on social media. How you doing Kurt Angle?

  • Trevor Donovan Allen

    And What does Bret think His and Vince’s Match Was?

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Triple H is undoubtably one of the greatest professional wrestlers in the history of the business. Triple H can carry anybody and can give and take a hellacious beating. He had SPECTAULAR matches with mick foley and The Rock and HBK and Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho and Randy Orton and Batista and Taker. Triple H is also one of the few wrestlers that can play both heel and face. He can be a wuss and an aggressive bad ass. I was tired of Triple H when he was in his prime, but they were still good/great matches no matter who it was. I love Bret Hart, but I think it’s more that he still holds a grudge about Montreal because Triple H has never apologize for it.

  • poko

    I’m not the biggest fan of Bret Hart and his ego but I can’t actually argue with him here. I loved the last Taker/HHH match. However, when I watched it again, I realized that it was actually pretty boring from an action standpoint. There were bumps, there were chairs, and there was some of the best in-ring storytelling I’ve ever witnessed, but if that match hadn’t had a first rate story to tell, people would have scoffed at it for being one dimensional. Take Shawn Michaels out and it turns into a mediocre street fight. It was no where near the quality of the Taker/HBK matches. But let’s be honest, a lot of that might very well have been more because of Taker’s physical condition than anything else. HHH is no HBK, who could carry John Cena to a 5-star match if he had to, but then, who is?

    As far as Triple H not being ‘great’ in the ring, yeah, I can agree there, as well. He’s well above average, though, and he’s fantastic at all the other aspects of being a professional wrestler, so I don’t think it really matters.

  • Forget that. How many title reigns never were, because HHH wanted to keep the belt and the spotlight on himself? RVD, Kane (first back with his new look), Booker T and WM19. That especially, Booker winning that match would have FIRMLY established him as a main guy, as a baby face even, in WWE. Sure, years later he finally got a world title run in WWE as silly “King Booker”. But beating the hated HHH at ‘Mania? That would have put him over huge. He kind of fizzled after that, and to me, that was 100% HHH’s fault.

  • Quite frankly, he has a point. Most of you think HHH is “great” because WWE tells you he’s “great”. He was in DX, then he married the boss’ daughter, gave himself the World Title 13 times (guess he didn’t want to pass Ric up after all). Now he’s “great”. Don’t get me wrong. He’s great on the mic, he’s a “ring general”, he’s got the psychology and all of that down. He’s very solid, he’s always had solid technical ability, etc. But Bret is talking about “greatness” as far as actual MOVES goes, as far as actual WRESTLING goes. He’s talking about the fact that HHH isn’t great in the ring, from a WRESTLING perspective, and that’s true. He’s good. Not GREAT.

    Quite frankly, HHH has always had a slow, methodical, kind of boring style. There aren’t too many people he matches up with that really produce a great vibe in the ring. And yes, that includes his matches with Taker. You look at the two (should have ended with one) Taker/HBK matches. Those were dynamic, those had great chemistry, and were fantastic matches. Why? Because Taker and HBK (whatever problems I have with him as a person), are GREAT wrestlers. And that’s what Bret was talking about. The HHH/Taker matches were rather unspectacular. Did they tell a good story, and all of that? Of course they did. But from a WRESTLING standpoint, kind of blah. Because that’s HHH for you. He’s not exciting in the ring, and that is what Bret was referring to.

  • Triple H got the same things that John Cena did, how many chambers did Triple H win, how many main events was Triple H given, how many title were brought back and given right to Triple H without any match, how many title reigns were cut really short so Triple H could be in the spotlight?

  • JohnCena33

    Is this even Bret Hart? HHH vs Taker was a great match, best at Mania for sure, and HHH has had great matches with lots of people, for instance on WWE classics I saw him and Jericho inside the hell in a cell and I loved it.

  • Mark

    I love Bret Hart , but I have to disagree with him here. The match with Taker last year was excellent . I dont think Bret and HHH have ever got on and have a feeling this stems back from HHH being the architect of the montreal screwjob.

    Not sure how HHH will react to these comments, may not see Bret on WWE tv for a while

  • Rilwan Prince

    Over-rated really? Is this coming from someone who self proclaimed themselves as the best there is…blah blah…
    Come on, Triple H is great, better than John Cena and The Rock…you wanna look at someone who is over-rated shoot on John Cena, he has won the WWE title 10 times, won the royal rumble twice and basically is given a main event ppv when his matches are like 2 star. His handed opportunities, faces on covers, and us as fans pay good money to listen to stupid and pointless promos. His the definition of Over-rated. He had one good match against CM Punk but Punk made Cena look good because lets face it Cena is stiff.
    Triple H had a great match with HBK have you forgot that? With Stone Cold? Mankind? Chris Jericho? Kurt Angle? I suggest Mr Hitman go and look at Triple H’s archives cause his all wrong. End of the day Bret Hart is just a biase has-been who hasn’t had a great match since the screwjob but wait HBK helped you look good.