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– Kane will be appearing on tomorrow night’s ECW with the storyline that ECW General Manager Tiffany has invited him to the brand.

– WWE teased Bret Hart hosting an upcoming edition of RAW tonight after Vince McMahon presented the Slammy for Guest Host of the Year with Dennis Miller.

– Shawn Michaels challenged The Undertaker to a match at next year’s WrestleMania 26 from Arizona after accepting the Slammy Award for Match of the Year for their classic match at this year’s WrestleMania.

  • Lady Nicole Hamilton

    Bret better make wwe giv Natayla the gold!

  • David Strohmenger

    Bret has recently said that he would be willing to host Raw, but they will have to discuss any DX skits beforehand. Knowing Vince, he’ll probably try to pull something.

  • Morgan921

    not hbk vs taker 2 years in a row. keep it until summerslam or something so that way taker can job to michaels

  • Shawn

    Who wants to bet WWE tries to get Bret Hart for the January 4th show?

  • Mark

    Im really not sure if Bret will ever host raw with DX being on the show at the same time. from what i last read, Bret still has not forgiven HBK for what happened in 1997. Whilst HBK v Taker at wrestlemania was a great match, not sure fans want to see the same thing again this year. I cannot see DX breaking up anytime soon due to them winning tag titles and the merchandise sales that WWE gain from them being together.

  • drg

    ok everyone remember back a couple months ago when we all heard the rumour of dx breaking up with most likely HHH goin heel. well there it is right there this is a beginning foreshadow of it. either michaels turns heel because he wants to beat taker and doesnt give a s**t about HHH and their tag team titles and blah blah blah turmoil between the two and they face off at wrestlemania with or without the tag team titles. or HHH turns because of the same situation for different reasons which would be up to wwe writers to decide

  • RKnockout

    if john cena becomes champion again, then it should be shawn michaels vs john cena, just so he can break cenas’ “i will not lose streak”

  • Josh

    not just weeks and weeks! look, your still talking about it

  • jm

    i love it. hbk & taker again. wow, what a match that’s going to be. i know it will be just as electorfying as last year’s match. fact is, it was THEE best match of the whole show. people were talking about it for weeks and weeks.way to go hbk & taker.

  • Ray

    HBK doesn’t want the title. Unlike most wrestlers, the most important thing to him is simply putting people over and having stellar match ups.

  • Kc

    yeah hbk is kinda due for a good thing I guess cause he did retire nature boy and then just to have him go and wrestle for Hogan that would tick me off just a lil bit

  • Keith Learmonth

    I guarantee Cena challenges shawn for the right to face ‘Taker… Or shawn wins the rumble/elimination chamber, and becomes champ so he can’t face ‘taker…

  • Kc

    Well if they did it again so soon you know who gonna be the one to end the streak for sure

  • baddog_1_2k

    not that it wouldn’t be a show stealer but your right doing it again takes away from last year..would love to see the hitman on raw puttin vince in the sharpshooter

  • Eloy Gameno

    I dont think its gonna happen.

  • jim

    oh no not again…hbk vs taker was an awesome match at “last years” wm but 2 years straight would take away from the match imo.i dont want to see them again.nothing new though wwe giving the same crap over and over again.

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