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Bret Hart Recalls John Morrison’s Apology To Him, Martha Hart Lawsuit Update

— Bret Hart revealed to Right After Wrestling that John Morrison once apologized to him backstage for handing out his sunglasses to children before his matches.

“He came up to me, John Morrison did, and he apologized to me, he said he felt bad and made references to stealing my gimmick,” Hart said.

“But the fact that he even addressed it was flattering to me. I don’t think it’s any different than Rey Mysterio giving stuff to the kids. It’s gotta keep moving on, and if there’s any kind of connection between his giving the sunglasses away and my giving the sunglasses away years ago, between an old fan and a young fan, I think that’s beautiful, I have no problem with it at all.”

— Attorneys for Martha Hart (widow of Owen Hart), the McMahon family and World Wrestling Entertainment have requested that certain items that come up in their ongoing lawsuit Hart be sealed for confidentiality reasons. Hart’s side was scheduled to respond to WWE’s recent legal motions on January 15, but details have not publicly surfaced.


  • CM Mark

    My point was that Morrison got buried worse than usual. You missed that completely didn’t you?

  • Jon-Jon

    A clean win for Miz over Morrison has nothing to do with Punk getting a clean win over Jericho haha

  • CM Mark

    I have to admit, I was a bit stunned at how they let Miz bury him on Raw. It was a great match, and both men looked really good, but Miz doesn’t win clean. Come on, I just shook my head in disbelief. The last clean win they gave Punk was against Jericho on SD, are you trying to tell me Miz can beat Punk. I don’t think so.

  • Rich

    i agree with CM Mark..John Morrison should be the WWE Champion atleast once in his career..geez

  • CM Mark

    I think Jo Mo is a genuinely nice person. That’s why he’ll never get a REAL push.

  • Kris is called respect..not to start a war , just saying

  • andre lewis

    the deathlock is slightly modified from brets hold just like sids powerbomb differs from nash’s jackknife nash’s powerbomb was very dangerous because he raises you up and instead of holding on to you he raises you up and drops you in mid air deadly powerbomb also morrison is ok but the face thing sucks big time this guy was awesome as a heel in 2007 2008 what happened to the morrison gimmick he was suppose to be a psychedilic jim morrison doors type of character now hes hbk 2.0 if anything he should apologize to hbk because of the similairities between the two as a heel morrison rarely did any high flying moves at all his edge is gone i feel he should drop the mnm look for something different makes him look too flashy hbk pulled off the colorful wardobe because he had an aura about himself that morrison doesnt have morrison should use the neckbreaker again instead of that overrated moonsault which i doubt hell be able to do in a few years

  • mark

    Didnt really feel Morrison needed to apologise to Bret for this. Did Bret apologise to sting and vice versa for using each others hold when the were together in WCW???

  • Jeff

    Everyone else has had a go-round with Melina why can’t Bret put her in the Sharpshooter…

  • me

    yeah what a kiss ass

  • rick

    “I’m sorry Bret, feel free to have sex with my girlfriend”

  • CM Mark

    Jo Mo is a solid dude.