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Bret Hart On His Relationship With HBK, Randy Savage & Owen Hart Not Being In HOF

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart spoke with promoting his upcoming tour of Ireland with American Wrestling Rampage. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

His relationship with Shawn Michaels: “I suspected from the very beginning that me and Shawn, our handshake, would be more BS than anything else and that we were still going to loath each other and hate each others guts for the rest of our lives, but the truth is that he was very humbled and grateful that I was willing to forgive everything and the reality is we were able to become good friends since then. Knowing that it really meant something to him, meant something to me and we actually have a really good friendship now.

“I think Shawn was always a bit of a prima donna and I didn’t think he’d be sincere when he shook my hand and the gratification I get over a few weeks and months after that, you could really see it was a weight lifted of his back and he seemed appreciative and grateful that we could be on good terms again.”

His match with Vince McMahon and his in-ring performances since then: “I thought it was perfect, I loved having my family out there, I loved having my brothers and sisters play the lumberjacks and I think fans got what they wanted even though it wasn’t the old Bret Hart, but the truth is I’m never gonna be that Bret Hart, the technical wrestler, I’m basically gonna be more of a character for the rest of my career, my days of taking suplexes and diving over the top rope are over.”

Harry Smith’s recent release: “It’s unfortunate, but these things happen, you might look at it as a setback but you might look at it as a blessing in disguise, I think he’s a great talent, but needs to reinvent himself and by stepping away from WWE might be a nice break, but I don’t doubt that in time he’ll be back in WWE. He’s still young and a great talent.

“He needs to step away and look to reinvent himself, my brother Owen left the company years ago when he was wrestling as the Blue Blazer and he got out of WWE and did some different tours and promotions and then came back a couple years later and found the footing he was looking for when he came back.”

Being placed #4 behind Steve Austin, The Undertaker & Shawn Michaels on WWE’s 50 Greatest Superstars of All Time DVD: “I beat Steve Austin every time I worked with him throughout my career and yet he he’s graded above him, so figure that out. I could give you a list of 50 wrestlers and it would have credibility because I would have an idea but some guy that’s working for WWE Magazine that makes it up frankly, he can kiss my ass, he doesn’t know anything.”

Randy Savage and Owen Hart’s absence from the WWE Hall of Fame: “It’s not much of a Hall of Fame without Macho Man in it, and Owen belongs in there as much as me or my Dad, so I think it’s only a matter of time.”

Other topics include his highlights from his last run with WWE, who he would like to work with from today’s talent, his favorite and least memorable matches as well as his upcoming rivalry DVD featuring himself and Shawn Michaels.

The audio interview can be accessed here.


  • Black Scorpion

    There should have been a “50 Greatest” in different catagories:
    “50 Greatest” in-ring/technical performers,
    “50 Greatest” gimmicks,
    “50 Greatest” headliners/main eventers, and so on….

    Hogan at #23, NO……….

  • RUSTanator

    @devil rising

    you do know bret hart was one of the biggest steroid users in wwf at the time. read his book.

  • mabry

    @ Devil_Rising, how old are you dude???… you seem to enjoy and praise pretty much the same guys i do. Am 30 btw, and being watching wwf/e since ´94, so i saw the best days of Bret as a champion, and have missed him more than i ever thought i would… These guys that call Bret an asshole or delusional or whatever are probably too young to know what the Hitman was and actually is…..

  • breezy

    sorry but my question is if austin kept his hulk hogan haircut would he be taken serious?

  • Devil_Rising


    First off, how, pray tell, is he “delusional”? He’s one of the best, most successful pro wrestlers in the history of the industry, not just WWE. Let me illustrate:

    The only 2-time King of the Ring winner, 2 time WWF Tag team Champion (back when tag reigns really mattered), 1994 Royal Rumble winner, 2 time IC champ (beating no less than Mr. Perfect and Roddy Piper), 5 time WWF Champion, and headlined 3 Wrestlemanias.

    And then as a bonus there was WCW: 4 time US Champ, 1 time Tag champ, and 2 time WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

    Second, how is he bitter? If he were bitter, he’d never have come back to work for WWE, for the fans. Which he did. He even “buried the hatchet” with HBK, who actually IS a real-life asshole.

    Third, how is he a “huge asshole”? Fact is, during his time in the business, he was always known as one of the most fair, approachable, humble, hard working, and most of all friendly guys in the business. Not to mention always willing to help other wrestlers, especially young guys. While guys like Hogan, Flair, Warrior, HBK, etc., had their own dressing rooms and acted like hot shot superstars, even as WWF Champion, Bret still traveled and dressed with the rest of “the boys”.

    So…….I’m really not sure where you’re getting your ideas from. They’re way off base.

  • Matt

    The greatest wrestler in wwe history is a subjective matter. To me, Austin and Undertaker are greater than Hogan, Bret, and hbk, BUT they are still HUGE stars in my eyes. Lets appreciate each wrestler for the things that he accomplished, the way they wrestle, and for their character.

  • John

    Same old Bret. Dellusional, bitter, and a huge a$$hole.

  • Devil_Rising


    You had to be alive and growing up in the 80s to actually understand just how HUGE Hogan was. He was a cultural phenomenon. He transcended wrestling. Just like Andre before him (who was the first wrestler to get recognized and respected, albeit because of his incredible size). I’m not really even much of a Hogan fan, never have been. So I say this un-biasedly. Hogan was, is, and always will be bigger than any other wrestling name you could care to throw out there. It’s just how it is. Yes, of COURSE the rest of the locker-room contributed. Yes, of COURSE Vince McMahon was the brainchild. But without “Hulkamania”, Wrestlemania wouldn’t have worked, wouldnt’ have succeeded, and the WWF would NOT have become as big as it is today, and consequently, the wrestling business itself would still be underground, disrespected, and only liked by hardcore fans.

    Hogan was huge. He was on cereal boxes, cartoons, toys, films, as I said, he was known ALL OVER. He was the Mickey Mouse of the Wrestling world, meaning, as I said before, even if you never saw wrestling, you STILL knew who Hogan was. I’m not trying to argue, but there most certainly are NOT more people who know who Austin is over Hogan. That’s like saying there are more people who know who Derek Jeter is, over Babe Ruth. It’s just not true, never was, never will be. Only Vince and the WWE try to sell people that line about Austin being “the greatest ever”. They’re playing up to people who still remember and love Austin from the Attitude era. But as far as the overall grand scheme of things goes, yes, Hulk Hogan is the biggest star the business has ever had or will have. Without him, the larger, mainstream audience wouldn’t have cared about the WWF, and without him, that same audience later would NOT have card about WCW, for sure.

    And as far as Bret Hart goes, yes, he did carry the WWF on his back. He was personally chosen by Vince to do so, seeing as the steroid scandal just about put Vince out of business, he lost a LOT of his big stars to WCW, and he needed a small, non-steroid freak, REAL wrestler to carry the company forward. If you hadn’t noticed, Bret is pretty much the only top star the WWF/E has EVER pushed, in the Vince Jr. era, that was pushed HARD on the basis of his in-ring ability, and not some over-the-top character. No other TOP guy, meaning #1 guy, such as Hogan, such as Austin, such as Cena, has ever been much more than just an outlandish character who’s very good on the mic. Bret was the exception. Yes, HBK, Taker, etc., WERE there, and big stars. But HBK, despite what WWE has tried to say since, was never THE star of the 90s. He didn’t carry anything, and people worldwide didn’t pay to see HBK. They paid to see Hart, because they saw him as “legit”. HBK was huge, no doubt. But he wouldn’t have been, were it not for his fueds with Bret Hart.

    So yes, Bret DID carry pretty much carry the WWF on his shoulders, insofar as he was THE guy in the company, the #1 top star, from pretty much 1993-1997, when he left. As a matter of fact, the original DX only got the attention it did, because they could make the claim that they “took out Bret Hart”. Otherwise, they were just a stupid Outsiders ripoff, with dumb sex jokes. Just saying.

  • jt

    its the wwe they are not going to rank guys high that are either not in the company or have talked bad about the company that’s common sense

  • payaso

    I agree with you guys. I may not like Hogan that much but the guy deserves to be in the top 5, not 23 or whatever it was. That DVD has no credibility!!!!

  • hi

    like him or not there will never be a wrestler bigger then hogan was hogan made wrestling and as for austin yea bret should be above him austin is cool and all but a wrestler hell no cena could out wrestle him any day and look at the shit idiots give cena

  • Yay

    I will never say Bret Hart wasn’t great. i mean pick the greatest of all time in ring work wise Bret over Austin, big time, But it don’t work like that its called drawing, Hogan, Flair & Austin would have to be in the Top 3 greatest of all time regardless & i’m not a Hogan fan.

  • Bill

    Mark is right. We don’t know what criteria WWE was using.

  • mark

    How you rate the top 50 superstars ever depends on what criteria u apply to it??

  • Tim Pain

    idk why all of you disagree with bret yeah austin was great i agree with that there will never be another but bret hart made the attituse era and had vince hebner or shawn made the mistake of screwing him bret prolly would have stayed and showed you what he had left bret left still in his prime. and i never want to hear goldberg as a top contender he never cld and never will know how to wrestle he is the main reason we are not watching the best there is the best there was and hands down the best there ever will be

    and i hate all those people who over look the small guys who are not being givin the respect the deserve like own hart christian marty janetty brutas beefcake crush and many many more

  • macho.can

    at the end of the day everyones top 50 will be different so it doesn’t mean a thing. Bret is just so high on himself that he can’t accept anyone not thinkin he’s the best of all time. If its wrestlin the old bret would be up there but for overall contributions and entertainment hogan. Austin. Rock. Savage all rank above him

  • breezy

    quick question if austin had his ho

  • O yea and i gaurantee you that theres a bigger margin of poeple who know austin over hogan for sure.

  • Robinson

    @Devil_Rising… i will have to repectfuly disagree sir. Bret hart carried the wwf on his shoulders? so has the undertaker, shawn michaels, austin, the rock, hhh, john cena, goldberg, ddp, sting, flair etc. it was and never has been only one person to ever carry a company on there shoulders. like the nwo did not carry wcw, ther entire locker room did, same with hart and same with austin. I was always a bret hart fan but he has always been to full of himself, hes absolutly one of the best inring performers of all time dont get me wrong but if you watch his dvd when he first started talking to the wwe again he basically disrecpects the british bulldog on the IC title match.

    Hogan at 23 i cant really comment on bc i have always thought hogan could never wrestler but was a good entertainer.

    the attitude ear was and always will be the best era/generation bc it had the largest selection of real wrestlers from lubres, to technical, to highflyer, to tag teams, to extreme, etc.

  • Bill

    Bret is right. I mean, Hulk Hogan at #23? Jeez, don’t have to be so harsh on the most famous pro-wrestler of all time just because he’s in TNA. Plus, Devil_Rising makes a good point. Bret did carry the company & was an” international champion”. But, why is it that in Austin’s generation, you only listed WWE guys, contrary to the others that had WCW guys. Where’s Goldberg & DDP? Nevertheless, I think the Attitude Era was the best of all time, but Bret’s generation(not era) was better than the Austin one.

  • Devil_Rising


    Ummmm………….hate to break it to you, but Austin’s “generation” was hardly the greatest. Was it the most “shocking” and got high ratings, and helped them beat WCW? Sure.

    But you look at this lineup: Hogan, Andre, Roddy Piper, The Iron Sheik, Macho Man, Jake Roberts, Rick Rude, Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, Tito Santana, Hart Foundation, Killer B’s, British Bulldogs, Wild Samoans, The Four Horsemen, Dusty Rhodes, etc. etc. etc.

    Or perhaps this one: Bret Hart, Undertaker, HBK, Yokozuna, Owen Hart, British Bulldog, The Road Warriors, Demolition, Diesel, Razor Ramon, Mr. Perfect, Vader, Bam Bam Bigelow, Lex Luger, Harlem Heat, The Rockers, Ron Simmons, Sting, etc. etc.

    Then you look at the Austin “gen”: Austin, Rock, HHH, Mick Foley, D’Lo Brown, Godfather, The New Age Outlaws, Edge & Christian, the Hardys, Tazz, RVD, etc. etc.

    Of course there is a case to be made for the talent there. But I’d hardly call Austin’s “gen” the greatest. Bret Hart carried the WWF on his shoulders, during a time when the company was in dire straights after the steroid scandal, and the defection of older talent to WCW. He became a truly international champion, and represented the company well, aside from also being one of the best wrestlers to ever step in the ring. Austin certainly deserves to be in the Top 5. But to put Hogan at 23? Hogan was a far bigger star in his day, than Austin was, no matter WHAT WWE says now. People who’ve never seen a wrestling match in their life, know who Hulk Hogan is. Those same people do not know who Stone Cold Steve Austin is. Hogan was THAT big in the 80s and even 90s. No one would have cared about the NWO in WCW, and thus WCW never would have been real competition for WWF, had it not been for Hogan. So, yes, Hogan belongs in the Top 5, for sure.

  • assassino

    This might be just me but I think The Rock should be before Bret Hart.

  • Dave

    Wow Hart is really prickly about that ranking. He realizes that writers booked him to beat Austin, right? Austin gets to be higher because he defined the WWF’s greatest generation.

  • D2K

    I think he’s bitter overall at the embarrassing sham of that so-called “50 Greatest Superstars of All-Time” DVD. Worst diatribe I’ve ever seen.

    When I saw Hulk Hogan at #23 I shut the DVD off and never looked at it again. The only person that could even make an argument to go over Hogan is Austin and that’s still a HUGE stretch. Even Todd Grisham was upset at the rankings and he was hosting the thing.

  • Stevie P

    Damn, he’s really bitter about Austin at number 1 eh?