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Bret Hart Says He Believes WWE Will Induct Owen Hart Into the Hall of Fame Next Year

– Bret Hart did a Q&A session with fans in Manchester at The Comedy Store over the weekend and said he believes that Owen Hart will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015 from California.

Bret talked about how Owen’s widow has said that Owen hated wrestling and hated his life as a wrestler but Bret said that’s a complete lie. Bret talked about how it’s a shame Owen’s kids never got to see him at his best and Martha’s grudge with WWE isn’t helping things.

With The Rock being rumored as the 2015 Hall of Fame headliner, next year’s class could be bigger than this year.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    see heres the thing, of course owen deserves to be in there, its not even debatable‚Ķ. BUT its his stupid obnoxious wife thats stopping it from happening, Bret & the WWE are more than willing and want to see him in there and be remembered, yet she’ll happily squeeze every drop of cash out of them (the WWE) and erase his memory by wiping anything related to him from the WWE

  • D2K

    Based on what I’ve seen from Owen and what people have said about him, if someone could ask him now wherever he is if he would want to be inducted I think he would say yes. Just the kind of man he was. I’m sure the kids would love to see the admiration of all the wrestlers past and present for Owen, to hear thousands of people at the Hall Of Fame ceremony and TENS of thousands of people at Levi Stadium chanting Owen’s name, and to accept the award on his behalf would be a great thrill I would think.

    Owen worked hard to get over in this business. He was a decent human being and so many people loved him. For what he was willing to DO for his family (regardless on how utterly ridiculous of an idea it was to put him up there to start with) to ensure that they could live as comfortably as they are now showed what kind of man he was. He was one of the greatest in-ring performers in the history of professional wrestling. In many ways, he was more talented than Bret. He was much better on the mic, had charisma, was more athletic, and could work a quality match with any wrestler.

    Owen Hart deserves to go into the WWE Hall Of Fame NOW. Whoever is responsible for this not happening is not thinking of Owen, not thinking of his fans, not thinking of his family, they are only thinking of themselves. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I feel about it.