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– Here’s part of a new blog from Bret Hart on his Facebook page:

As far as the recent lawsuit filed by Martha, I’m working on a detailed response that I will post soon, but I think my fans might be a little surprised at my take on things. Aside from that, I know that the WWE Universe is more than curious to know what my status is anymore and the truth is nobody knows, including me. There are a lot rumors out there about me and all I can say is that they’re rarely true. I will have some major announcements forthcoming, but right now I’m going to keep the lid on things because I’m not looking for any distractions.

  • kane

    Don’t forget no one from wwe denies not giving Marth the royalities she is owed as Owen’s widow from all the dvd appearances he has made. One report said it may be over 30 dvd’s that she never got paid for even though any other widow would have gotten the money. Even if WWE doesn’t want to pay her, they could have put the money in a trust fund for his children for when they are old enough to use it. If they really stiffed her on what she is rightfully owed, shame on WWE. He died in a stunt that was punishment for not wanting to do a story that he felt would embarass and disrespeect his wife. But I want to know the truth about everything, including if WWE really said in the settlement that they would never use his name or likeness in anyway ever again and then changed their minds about it.

  • Matt

    and this bitch is why you’ll never see owen in the hall of fame.

  • Big T

    didn’t bret just get married? He probably took some time off for the honeymoon.

  • Treg

    I just don’t get this case either. Just because Owen died in an accident in the ring he should be erased from WWF/E History like the Murderer Chris Benoit?? Owen was a great guy and should be remembered.


    It’s pretty obvious that Bret doesn’t like what Martha is doing. I agree with Brody that the Martha Hart/WWE conflict should be settled quickly. But how do you put out a DVD on the Hart Family WITHOUT including Owen? It can’t be done. Owen was a great performer whose contributions to WWE and wrestling in general should be recognized with a Hall of Fame induction but it doesnt look like it will happen due to Martha’s wishes.

  • brody

    This is something where it’s best kept out of the public eye. No good will come of this being publicized. They should get it settled quickly, and move on.

  • baddog_1_2k

    Its not about what Marth Bret or anyone else WANTS and I am sure Bret see it as what Own would want…I am not sure if Martha is thinking that way maybe she it but thats what matters really.

  • Scooter

    As someone who lost someone very close to them recently I’d like to say who can blame Bret for disliking what Marthas doing
    what wwe did in the Hart family dvd was a tribute to the Hart family does Martha want Owen to fall into obscurity? Owen deserved his place on the dvd set he wasn’t put on it for some immoral purpose she’s the one in the wrong here trying to make money off his name all these years later disgusting

  • Jeff

    pfft this crap is all story line from wwe

  • effmenow

    Bret Doesnt like what Martha is doing…..Its so obvious.

    Quite frankly, what she is doing is wrong. Nuff said.

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