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Bret Hart Says Signing WWE Legends Contract is “Like Signing Your Life to the Devil”

— In a recent interview with radio station 680 News in Toronto, Bret Hart discussed numerous topics, including a WWE Legends Contract, saying he has no interest in signing one and doesn’t want to be owned by the company.

“I think I’m one of the few guys that doesn’t because – these Legends contracts sound great, but they own your soul. It’s like signing your life to the devil.

I’m Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart and I don’t want to give WWE my name.”

Hart continued: “It took me 14 years of hard labor to own the rights to my name. That was one of the conditions when I left. To go back now and just give it to them – I’m doing fine with it on my own. I don’t like to be owned by WWE; I like to be good friends with them.”

Hart also said he “sometimes” misses the business, saying, “I miss being useful in the business. I feel like with certain wrestlers, I can give a lot of them advice and tell them things that can help them.”

Check the full interview here.

  • Scooter

    I’d say the legends deal is great for a guy who needs it to see them through retirement. Bret doesn’t he’ made enough money and can live happily off that.