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Bret Hart Submits DNA for Project, Eugene Teases Rumble Appearance, MVP

– WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart recently submitted his DNA to National Geographic’s Spencer Wells, who is director of The Genographic project – a scientific study that is collecting DNA samples from around the world to create a detailed genetically-based map of human migration. Bret is representing Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Bret will be in attendance for Wells’ National Geographic Live presentation on Deep Ancestry from the Jack Singer Concert Hall on February 7th in Calgary.

– Former WWE star Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore is teasing that he will be at tonight’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Dinsmore recently worked for TNA’s Ring Ka King promotion in India. He wrote the following on Twitter Saturday:

“Guess who is packing for a flight and the Royal Rumble is tomorrow????”

– Former WWE Superstar MVP shot down rumors that he would be a surprise entrant in tonight’s Royal Rumble match. He wrote:

“I don’t know who started the Royal Rumble rumors but I PROMISE you MVP is NOT a surprise entrant. This year…”

  • Jonsz

    Please someone please get rid of Jon

  • kitkrock

    Eugene vs Undertaker at WM, 20 – 0

  • Charles Spears

    Actually k91xxx, MVP and WWE mutially agreeed to part ways, he wasn’t future endeavored like Eugene.

  • BlaH

    I read Ryback & Ricardo Rodriguez are going to be inthe Rumble.

  • k91xxx

    Wwe still suxxx for letting them 2 go!

  • Erick Padilla

    Regal as the winner of the rumble??? Will someone please tell me that it being sarcastic n that this one just went over my head plz lol

  • lambo

    would love 2 c MVP come back

  • bc mitchell

    Yeah Jon Eugene is what eliminates Regal as a possible winner. He was a friggin lock to win until I read this

  • Jon

    Eugene coming back emliate William Regal chances of winning it.

  • me

    eugene is a waste of a rumble place, please god no.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I would have loved it if MVP and Eugene came back with their old gimmicks! haha. The only thing is that I have a feeling that Eugene meant as maybe just visiting backstage? Hopefully he doesnt enter the Rumble