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Bret Hart Thinks Traditional Survivor Series Matches Are A Waste Of Time

Arda Ocal caught up with WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart, who discussed WWE’s upcoming Greatest Rivalries – Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart DVD, his relationship with Earl Hebner following the “Montreal Screwjob,” his time in World Championship Wrestling, and more. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

Where he ranks his time in WCW

“Where would I rank my time in WCW? Right in the toilet. It was a waste of time. There were so few highlights.”

Has Bret made peace with Earl Hebner and thoughts on his “Damn Right I Did” T-shirt referencing the “Montreal Screwjob”

“I don’t have any hard feelings towards Earl, but if I was in his shoes I wouldn’t have done what they did.”

Thoughts on the Survivor Series match format

“In truth I never liked the Survivor Series format, I thought it was a waste of time.”

Hart adds that he prefers the King of the Ring.

The video interview is available here.

  • jason

    SS could be great if used right put all the big names in the SS match and then they will give the mid cards more matches and more time to show what they could do.

  • venom

    The Elimination matches were good. Sometimes the survivors got a push.

  • RoxanneConner

    @Dave: Spot on. Like all of WWE’s other special matches (Hell in a Cell, Money in the Bank, TLC, etc.) they’ve managed to suck out all the meaning to them and we’re stuck with routine, played out matches.

  • aircon

    the survivor series match consept is only REALLY good when there is a even match like

    team cena:

    team rock:
    c.m. punk

  • Dave

    Sounds like I may be in a minority here. But I quite like the traditional Survivour Series matches. They are perfect for giving a leg up to lower card performers by having them survive unexpectedly, or just by putting in a good showing. Remember Shawn Michaels back in the early 80’s. and it sets up so many permutations for future rivalries. A decent creative team should easily be able to turn an event like that into 6 months worth of feuds and storylines. Which probably explains why WWE constantly fail to do so.

  • Sammo

    The Survivor Series concept isn’t awesome – but at least it’s something different than the majority of other vanilla PPVs thrown out over the year (i.e. Vengeance).

  • mark

    Whilst I disagree with Bret about the SS traditional matches. He was only being honest in answering a question.Hes entitled to his opinion like everyone else.

  • aircon

    ss concept is good when they dont make 1 last the whole freakin ppv

  • MrDr3w

    “I don’t have any hard feelings towards Earl, but if I was in his shoes I wouldn’t have done what they did.”

    No hard feelings, eh? Sounds like BS to me.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    War Games, yes. Battle Bowl, no. The year DDP won Battle Bowl, it fucking came down to him and Barbarian, right? Shows how much that meant. All to wear a ring? Regal won it twice though, I think. That, I liked.

    But I agree with U ain’t Awesome’s comment. Bret has to bitch about something constantly. I’m 28 and I loved the Survivor Series concept. Look at the goddamn name, what’d you think it’d be, 1-on-1?! But I’ll bet Bret thinks the Royal Rumble is a waste of time too. Fucking greaseball. Always loved Bret’s abilities and loved to watch him wrestle, but never liked him as a person. Cry baby’s what he was.

  • Kawika

    id rather have war games or battle bowl the lethal lottery. But because it’s a wcw products wwe wont use it.

  • BlaH

    I agree Bret
    I always hated the SS as a kid growing up

  • U ain’t awesome

    Bret hart is a waste of time. He’s forever crying about something, he sounds like a fuckin woman scorned.

  • tommy

    SS format is boring. 2 weeks before it’ all tag team matches … Bring back Kotr pvv