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Bret Hart Walk of Fame Update, John Cena Grants His 300th Wish

– The list of inductees for the 2012 Canada Walk of Fame were announced yesterday, and despite a strong online campaign, Bret Hart was not one of those named.

– WWE superstar John Cena hit another impressive milestone this week when he granted his 300th wish through the Make A Wish Foundation.

“I thank Make-A Wish for making me such a part of the charity,” Cena told “It’s an honor to be requested that many times!”

Cena ended up meeting seven year old Jonathan Littman Monday before Raw along with his parents. Then on Wednesday morning, Cena surprised Littman on ABC’s Good Morning America, since the youngster’s wish was to meet Cen and become a television star.

Cena invited the youngster as his special guest to the July 23rd three hour 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw.

When asked about granting his 300th wish, Cena replied “It felt very good to accomplish the milestone of 300 wishes,” he explained. “In the same realm of Raw hitting its 1,000th episode, it truly is just a foundation. Today was a fantastic day, but no greater or less important than any other wish I’ve been able to be a part of.”

  • King Albert

    As Cena sleeps with his 600th slut on the road.

  • poko

    Now, before anyone blows a piston, I’m not saying Cena isn’t a good person, but you guys do know that the WWE is a corporate partner of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, right? And that he’s most likely contractually obligated to accept? He might very well be happy to do it, like most of the other wrestlers and athletes that grant wishes, but it’s still a part of his job. It’s the same in sports, where NBA and NFL players are required to participate in charity events.

    Let’s keep some perspective. It’s a good thing he’s doing, and I applaud the WWE for their Make-A-Wish affiliation–my best friend was granted two wishes before he passed away 4 years ago–but we’ll probably never know what celebrities like Cena really think or feel. Remember, Hulk Hogan in his prime was loved by more children than Cena, and look how he turned out.

    Also, Cena’s inevitable heel turn will be epic.

  • SYM

    @damkat Cena is good to kids but that doesn’t mean he’s a good hearted person with No Demons.

  • TheSheepDog

    Anyone else expecting to see his 300th, him granting his money grabbing wife all she wants in the divorce?

  • Alan Wake

    Good to the kids, Just not to his wife or Ken Doane.

  • damkat

    Love or hate him in the WWE, John is a stand up guy outside the ring to give back to those kids. Good for Cena!