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Bret Hart Back on WWE TV?, Tough Enough’s Andy Ripped Backstage, Cena

– As noted before, Bret Hart is booked for upcoming SmackDown live events. There has been talk of The Hitman returning to WWE TV for some kind of storyline soon.

– John Cena brought his dad into the ring at the Supershow on June 17th in Lowell, MA to wish him a Happy Father’s Day. Cena Sr.’s birthday was coming up so Cena brought him in the ring, gave him the WWE Title and had the crowd sing Happy Birthday.

– After the Tough Enough finale part of RAW a few weeks back, WWE’s John Laurinaitis ripped into Andy Leavine for about five minutes about how Leavine shit on everything Vince McMahon and Steve Austin have done for the business, and about how he was a piece of crap who will never amount to anything in the business. Laurinaitis was mad because they felt Andy should have stayed down longer after the slap from Vince and the Stunner from Austin.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • sandman

    @ pissed off fan john Morrison was also on TE

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    WWE didnt use Chavo right at all after eddie passed away! And they prob released him cause had no idea what to do with him so yeaaaaa. Would have been cool to see him with one last title run like the hardcore, o wait..the cruiserweight…oh wait..the IC or US? LOL

  • venom

    YES!!!!!!!!!!! Chavo finally got released!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Alex

    I agree with the stunner, but the slap too!?

  • Bill

    Why the hell are you guys talking about Tough Enough after it’s over? Bret Hart may be returning to WWE!

  • Tom… Just Tom

    John Laurinitis is a failed wrestler here in the US who is always on a major ego trip. No one would know who he is if it wasn’t for wrestlers ripping into him about how much of a jackass he is and the fact that his brother is Road Warrior Animal. F-U Johnny Acehole.

  • keylo

    And what creditability would he have from staying down longer from a slap, a fucking slap from a 60 plus year old FFS.

  • hbkja

    no more bret on tv… its so bored now days… not even a shadow of what the hitman used to be

  • JIR

    Hey fan for the record John Morrision was in Tough Enough back when it was on MTV

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    who cares about tough enough?! they always end up as nodody at the end! look at maven and nidia!!! They are nobodys now! The winners always end up doing nothing! the only person to EVER to do somthing from TE was Mike The Miz, everyone else just sucks and does nothin at the end. They should just release Andy now before they get his hopes up. and as for that duesch that didnt win….hes a duesch

  • Unique

    ummm Marky Mark…..did you have your pills this morning? Gees

    I wonder if Andy cried?

  • Marky Mark

    Ace is piece of human shit, will be happy when he dies. Dead serious, pun intended, fuck that faggot, i’ll spit in his face and call him a pathetic mark if i ever saw him.

  • Starship Pain

    Are you for real, Laurinaitis? Come on! Some of the “pro” guys in the roster can’t sell a beating even with 10 years of experience in WWE, for God’s sake

  • JIR

    Luke didn’t win let’s all get over it he will end up in FCW by the end of the year honestly Martin would have taken it had he not been injured

  • Camille

    Holy crap, what a pathetic loser Laurinaitis is. How about WWE blames itself for putting these guys immediately on Raw straight from Tough Enough? Or how about rehearsing the segment so nothing goes wrong? Sounds like someone from WWE scapegoating someone else for their own failures.

  • josh

    how can he be mad at andy when soon after they transistioned to an R truch/austin segment?

  • Matthew Carter

    I think John Laurinaitis should take his ass elsewhere. The difference between Russo while he worked for VKM and John Laurinaitis while he works for VKM is that Vince Russo knew what he was doing when he was in the WWF/WWE, where as Laurinaitis doesn’t, other that Orton and Cena, he wouldn’t know a good superstar if one bit him in the dick!

  • Jay EZ

    Who cares. If you’re going into the direction of entertainment like WWE is doing, then you can’t turn around and get pissed off if a new guy didn’t lay down for a few more seconds. Andy L. layed there long enough for at least 2 pinfall counts, then rolled to outside & went to 1 knee leaning on the ring. Good enough for me.

    Point being I was entertained. Job done then. Thats all I ask from WWE now. Entertain me.

  • cheesehandler

    John Laurinaitis, much like Dana White, are just guys that were in the right place at the right time, lucky fuckin bastards

  • venom

    Sounds like Andy has been hanging out with Hogan and Cena too much.

  • rick

    Maybe Andy is just really tough.

  • Evil Doink

    Hmm, I thought Andy rolled out to the floor and sat there for a while. I didn’t notice or don’t remember the stunner being undersold. …

    So WWE isn’t gonna cut the “new guy” any slack? Laurinaitis sounds like a real piece of work himself.

  • Shawn

    I’m gonna have to agree with Johnny Ace here. Levine should have sold that stunner better. I couldn’t believe how unrealistic he made it look with the way he popped up afterwards. Looked cartoony. Stone Cold should have legitimately kicked his ass at that point. I saw Vince give Austin a look like, “Yeah…. nice pick, dumbass.” :-p

  • Sammo

    Ha ha – I thought Andy Leavine totally undersold that Stunner as I was watching! I remember the night on RAW when Austin gave the Stunner to all 4 members of the McMahon family, and Shane & Vince lay down on the mat “out cold” for close to 10 minutes. Andy didn’t even sell it for 10 seconds!

    On a different subject – Bret Hart to manage Tyson Kidd?

  • The X

    Wait, who never amounted to anything in the business other than a run in Japan? Pot. Kettle. Black.

  • Bryan

    Laurinaitis is a piece of crap who never amounted to anything in the business.

  • Sam Peters

    Andy wont be coming up anytime soon then lol, Luke should have always won this, he would have reacted to the slap and stunner better as well

  • Jeff

    Hello future mid card and future endeavors by Christmas