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Bret Hart/RAW Note, What Happened After the SmackDown Tapings

– The dark main event after last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings saw Rey Mysterio defeat Batista in a Street Fight that saw interference from Matt Hardy, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Kane and Luke Gallows.

– Bret Hart’s return to RAW next week will be from Dayton, Ohio where he won the 1993 King of the Ring tournament.

  • Ryan

    im just wondering how many plugs they will have for the new Marine movie. ill say… 5

  • trey

    he was co Royal Rumble winner.

  • Billy Mays


  • J-Roc.

    I would rather watch Bret return to the WWE then Hogan’s self-promoting attention whoring in TNA.

  • Ray

    I can’t wait for Hart! I hope he becomes the GM on Raw permently. Or he begin elavates the Hart Dynasty and brings Neidhart & (Hopefully more mature) Teddy Hart with him. Hart Foundation 2010!

  • Umut

    its great 2 see Bret Hart back in WWE ! He was the reason why im started to watch Wrestling since 1992. Hogan to TNA, Bret Hart to WWE…Damn! I will not say 2010 will be the year of WWE or TNA, i think its make more sense 2 say that 2010 will be the year of REAL WRESTLING as we know !

  • Devil_Rising


    I agree man. Raw DOES suck. And it’s sucked long before they started doing these stupid guest hosts. It’s more about the hosts these days than it even is about the storylines. All for ratings though, right?

    Well it doesn’t matter. It’s BRET HART. I don’t give a flying s**t what anyone tries to say different, but the fact cannot be denied that Bret Hart is one of the single greatest pro wrestlers in the history of the business. Regardless of how people like HBK and HHH and Ric Flair and Vince McMahon have tried to tear down his image and his legacy over the years, if it wasn’t for Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Vince’s precious WWF would have gone under after the steroid scandal. Period. They wouldn’t have lasted the 90s the way they did, if it wasn’t for Hart. He brought in the international market, more than EVER before. And he was the steady champion, during a time when ratings were low and people were turned off to wrestling in general. And yet he STILL “put asses in the seats”, and he STILL sold out arenas when it mattered most.

    He was one half of one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history, and a tag team Champion along with that.

    He was a multiple time Intercontinental Champion, beating the likes of Mr. Perfect and Roddy Piper along the way.

    He’s the only man in WWF history to win King of the Ring tournaments. And the first winner of the first King of the Ring PPV event (all previous tournaments had not been on PPV).

    He was a Royal Rumble winner.

    And most importantly, he was a 5 time WWF Champion, back during a time when multiple world championships really meant something. He beat Ric Flair at the height of his career for his first world title. He wrestled Shawn Michaels in to this day probably still the greatest Wrestlemania main event in history. In total, he main-evented 3 Wrestlemanias, at that time second only to Hogan. And even WM events that he didn’t headline, he still managed to steal the show, vs. The British Bulldogs (WM III), vs. Roddy Piper (WM VIII), vs. Bob Backlund (WM XI), and vs. Steve Austin (WM XIII).

    And that’s not even bothering to mention all of his championships and accomplishments in Stampede Wrestling, WCW, and elsewhere.

    Point being, he’s one of the greatest, he was THE greatest of his era, yes, even moreso than HBK and Undertaker, and it’ll be a thrill to see him again. I just hope they don’t pull some stupid storyline BS to embarrass him or make him look stupid. It would be really nice if they used him to put The Hart Dynasty over, because all three of those wrestlers should be on top of the WWE right now.

  • Matt

    yeah, me too i’m afraid that he won’t get that much of a reaction, which is sad considering he is one of the biggest legend in wrestling. I think that wwe should have started promoting his return a couple of weeks before that and Hart should have appeared on a ppv instead of that guest host crap.

  • edgehead15

    Ha ha what people seem to fail to realise is that RAW is still going to be crap the ony thing is switch out that celebrity for a legend. Kind of like when Trish was guest host earlier this year. The show still sucke but Trish was host. That’s all.

    If people are seriously only gonna watch RAW for Bret’s return, why don’t you guys just watch it on youtube or soemthing th next day.

    Beecause you are same ppl who complian that WWE is boring and stale and when you get opportunities to voice your opinion, you squander it!

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Are we going to watch the sme average RAW show we’ve been seeing for the past year now, just becuase of Bret Hart. Then the next day you’ll be on here and many other message boards comping that even though we got to see Bret, the show was still horible!

    Come on people think! Don’t fall for Vince’s crap!

  • TimeBomb

    Awesome, I hope the crowd appreciates him for the legend he is. If he gets a dead reaction, I will die a little inside.