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Bret Hart’s Daughter Wants in the Wrestling Business, The Rock Considered for Terminator 5

— We may be seeing another Hart entering the wrestling business soon with Bret’s daughter Beans (pictured below) keen to follow in her father’s footsteps.

She has been working out and asking fans to follow her while she attempts to make it into the business. She has used #WWE and #FutureDiva hashtags on Twitter.

Beans Hart WWE

Beans Hart WWE

— Depending on his other film commitments, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is said to be in consider for a the new “Terminator 5” movie. (Thanks to

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  • Hotcakes

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  • Pewp

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  • OpFor

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    “Beans”, huh, Brett? Really? wow.

    Nice, organic look. Only fear is they would be having her fart, or having her belated first period live on RAW or something.

  • Why? Because she has more of a natural female body, and she’s not (yet) some anorexic bitch with fake tits? Hopefully she doesn’t go the “boob job” way that so many women have been conned into in WWE. You look outside WWE, most women WRESTLERS are all natural, because most self-respecting women, especially women who want to be noticed for their WRESTLING skill, not bodies, would never do that shit.

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