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Bret Hart’s Ex-Wife Talks About Montreal Screwjob, New Book and More

Bret Hart’s ex-wife Julie Hart recently spoke with Kayfabe Kickout. Here are some highlights from the interview.

The Montreal Screwjob: “So much has been said about that night, but there was just so much tension going on in general both in our marriage and wrestling as a whole. 1997 was the breaking point for wrestling and in many ways, my marriage with Bret. Outside of real-life tragedies such as Owen’s death and his stroke, that was the hardest night of Bret’s life for sure.”

Her upcoming autobiography, Hart Strings – My Life with the Hitman, the Hart Family and Me: “The book will be as honest as Bret’s book, but focus more on my life story, not Bret’s. The book reveals my life growing up as a foster kid, then the story of how Bret and I became involved and raising our family. It’s not going to be like Linda Hogan’s book that’s for sure!”

If she still keeps up with wrestling: “My favorite wrestler of all time was Randy Savage. I get a lot of emails from fans just checking in on the family, asking about Bret and general chatter that usually has some lineage to wrestling. I watch on occasion, and my kids were really into it when they were little of course, so I watched it more then.”

Hart also discussed meeting Stu Hart for the first time, if she was a wrestling fan before she met Bret and if she still keeps in touch with “The Hitman.”

  • Yep

    Reading what shes got to say is probably more interesting then most of the rubbish on WWE now.. that’s probably half the reason it even got mentioned on here

  • Boomski

    Thank you, Pewp, for taking 18-20 minutes to write out your experiences and explaining the whole book question in full to the people that troll these posts. I’m pretty sure no one will TL;DR it.

    2 posts = I stopped reading after the first one. Don’t make me have to scroll further just to get to the good, funny posts.

  • and to the first poster;

    Wrestling fans would not care, but anti-wrestling fans and haters in general care just because they can find the content then use it to make ad hominem attacks against people who like or once liked the hitman.

    Once me and an old friend argued over Benoit – he, a causal fan was not impressed with the crippler and i always insisted he was a great in the making.

    To this day he says to outside ears in arguments

    “well, you like that psycho chris benoit so you have the tendency to favor people with worrisome habits. I wonder how this translates. You also supported brock when he went UFC and then brock made homophobic hatespeech, then you told me Overeem was a-ok, but he is a roid-head and you like Jerry lawlers commentary despite that he is a known pedophile. So you like murderers, drug addicts, homophobes and pedophiles, why should i listen to you?”

    And on every issue, this person walks up and makes these asinine comments, i just hope onlookers are smarter than to pay him attention, anymore i rout him by asking if he has dropped the “family habit” yet (his father and uncle are alcoholics) and that he makes me resort to this crap infuriates me. It would be easier if i didn’t have to work with the guy.

  • also it is a good thing if the purpose of her book is to promote her own life story, without burying the hitman. I hate it when people release books “about themselves” that bury people like warriors wife or hogans wife.

    Yes, some of them (helwig, bollea) need buried but we already know they are scumbags. Others, it is just malice for a wife to “post her side of every argument” and sometimes i feel like women who do this have no sense of dignity or privacy.

    It reminds me of men who i work with that go on “I hate my wife” rants, no sense of privacy or respect. I obviously have exes and wouldn’t want them “digging up the boneyard” on old issues to start drama and make money by disparaging me. Likewise, i have more personal integrity to consider “revealing my exes dirty laundry” and i have no respect for people who behave that way.

    Thumbs up to her. This just shows brett’s former wife has a notion of dignity, and self respect.

  • Robinson

    ^ she said outside of real life tragedies, learn to read dude lol

  • Joe

    I’m sorry to say but how is the Screwjob harder on Brett than the death of his brother?

  • Greg

    Not trying to be mean here but why would WRESTLING fans care about the life of Bret Hart’s ex-wife?