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On his Facebook account, Bret Hart made some interesting comments regarding TNA. He wrote the following:

“It was nice seeing Jeremy Borash, a longtime friend of mine, from TNA while I was in Nashville. He hung out with me and we never once talked wrestling. Some feeble minded idiot who saw us in plain view tried to start the rumour that I might be heading to TNA next; although why anyone would ever think I’d let Hogan and Bischoff anywhere near my Hitman persona again is truly beyond me.”

Bischoff referred to Borash as a “mark” last week on his Twitter account for posting a photo of himself and Hart after their dinner, which also included several other TNA staffers.

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  • TheB.E.B.

    This whole Bret Hart vs Shawn vs VKM to me was a work from the get go. The whole idea to was to make Bret larger than life in WCW in which so called Eazy-E and HH dropped the ball more times than one can count. Bret gettin injured at the hands of Goldberg and then also Owen’s passing was something that no one could see and that left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, and not to mention the stroke he suffered.

    I feel this has been a 12 year work to make WWF/WWE what it is today as the only one true Wrestling mogul who now has become so stale and with TNA recreating itself WWE has no choice but to add some fuel to their engine to hopefully get viewership back.

    Its good to see Bret back and hopefully we can the rubber match between Shawn and Bret.

  • NuclearShadow

    To those saying hes foolish for willing to working with Vince instead of Hogan and Bischoff are obviously ignorant to the fact that during Bret’s WCW days because of the ego issues of Hogan and his buddies they didn’t want Bret to amount to anything in WCW and steal the spot light from them. For the most part in WCW he aided the NWO but never actually joined and fought midcard wrestlers. He did win the WCW championship once but that’s only because they did a tribute to Owen Hart because of his death. So WCW literally tried to capitalize on Owen Hart’s death (who was in the WWF) By hosting a tribute where his brother Bret wins the WCW championship. So Bret’s only push (a push that was never should have been needed in the first place) was to capitalize on his brothers death and because Bret was under contract he had to do it.

    Now please tell me why he should prefer Hogan and Bischoff over Vince?

  • damkat

    Orkyboy, the last time I checked TNA had a lot of old guys who CAN”T wrestle

  • Orkyboy

    TNA is a wrestling show so Brett would be useless there so obviously he goes where there is no wrestling…WWE

  • Chris E

    Bret would never burn his bridge with WWE at this time. WWE has almost his entire wrestling catalogue tied up. He has at least 3 “Best Of” dvds tied up in that archived footage. His niece and nephew work for Vince as well so it would be stupid to piss him off. Annnnd, there is a Hart family dvd in the works as well. He would never go any place else with all that invested.

  • chris

    HaHa you tell em bret..well theres one wwe super star that tna wont be gettin since it seems like they like to get all there stars from there..

  • Fata Morgana

    Some idiots dont understand that it was not Bret Hart’s decision to leave the WWE back in 1997, it was Vince’s decision! Get your facts before you talkin tras’h

  • Daniel Stockwell

    Whilst I don’t expect Bret and Vince to be as close as they once were, reports indicate that they have both been on good terms for a few years. To say that “anyone can plainly see that Bret and Vince haven’t made up yet” is preposterous, if they hadn’t, the why would Hart be in the WWE for this current feud? Also, all reports indicate that Bret and Shawn have buried the hatchet once and for all and that it was genuine.

    Finally, in terms of how the Hitman character was treated, Vince never done the character any wrong. Hogan and Bischoff done the complete opposite, many agree that the character should have been used better and to better affect, but the heads of WCW completely wasted their chance to take advantage of a character who was arguably the worlds biggest star at the time. Bret, saying that he wouldn’t let Hogan or Bischoff anywhere near his Hitman character is perfectly within reason.

  • Keith Learmonth

    To everyone complaining saying it’s better to work with hogan, than with vince.. WCW were the guys who let goldberg kick bret in the head.

    Hogan & Bischoff: Caused the end of bret’s career, and that injury possibly contributed to the two strokes that almost killed him as well.

    Vince: Betrayed his trust.

    Who would you work for?

  • Billy Mays

    I was thinking the same thing scouter… and you aint the only one I heard say that either

  • Damien Phoenix

    I wouldn’t work with TNA either with the way it’s going right now.

  • edgehead15

    I hope scooter is only kidding.

    And Bret funny Bret. Work for the guy who made the lst 13 years of your life and to this day still makes you roll in pain as you remember that targic incident.

    Bret anybody with a brain could tell that you and Vince haven’t made up yet….nor Shawn.

  • Forever

    LOL @ Hitman. He’ll work with Vince, but not Hogan or Eazy E. Yeah that is truly beyond me……..

  • Tommy

    Lost all respect for this money grabbing tool. As one thing letting Vinne kick him in the nuts, which although it was meant to be the gut, Vinne knew what the fu ck he was doing. But last week letting him spit on you Bret blah, go home to ur wife Bret and save the little bit of dignity u have left.

  • Orkyboy

    So amusing!! He won’t let Bischoff or Hogan near him but Vince is ok? Retire gracefully Brett. You aren’t doing yourself any favours.

  • jay

    what good is bret hart anyhow he cannot wrestle all he can do is talk oh thats real entertainment

  • scooter

    its all a conspiracy vince has owned tna for a few years now and hasnt let on. hes hoping to jumpstart the wrestling industry. notice the discreet tna references on wwe programming and the very blatant wwe ones on tna. its not coincidence. hahaha we all gettin played

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