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Brock Lesnar Attends UFC PPV, Dana White Says He Might Return To UFC

Brock Lesnar was cageside at Saturday night’s UFC 146 pay-per-view and could be returning to the organization next year, according to UFC president Dana White.

At the UFC 146 post-show press conference, Dana White was asked whether there was anything to Lesnar being at the show. He responded, “maybe” and smiled. White said, “He was here, I think that says it all.” He said Brock Lesnar contacted him and requested to meet with him at the UFC event face to face. When asked directly if Lesnar could be returning to UFC and responded, “Possibly, yeah.”

Lesnar is signed with WWE through Wrestlemania 29 in April 2013. While Lesnar’s multimillion dollar deal did come with unprecedented stipulations (limited appearances, the ability to wear his own sponsors, etc.), it’s unknown whether he would be able to fight for UFC before next April.

  • Wow…

    So much hate for Lesnar, truth is he’s more legit than half the roster and has a solid backgrond to prove it. It’s funny how people mention that Brock can’t take a punch when he was STILL suffering from a life threatening disease his last 3 fights in UFC. When he was fine he dominated his fights, even his loss to Mir he dominated so haters don’t have a clue!

    I’d like to see any of you losers take a punch from any world class fighter in the UFC. Seriously you basement dwellers need to get a grip.

  • Mark C.

    Honestly, it wouldn’t break my heart to see WWE just let Lesnar go. I thought his return would be cool, like when he wrestled back in the early 2000’s, but I think they dropped the ball this time around. As for going back to the UFC, Brock neads to learn how to take a punch, and not go into the fetal position when he’s on the ground before he thinks about putting the gloves back on. *shrugs* ‘Just my thoughts.

  • Chris

    Brock would fit better atm in TNA via there reality format TV programing than with the WWE in there PG format.

  • shawn

    fighting for UFC being a part of Lesnars contract is unbelievable to me. if its not im sure Dana White wouldnt even ask for an appearance by Lesnar unless he forgot about WWE’s request for Lesnars appearance for WM last year (if true).

  • greatest one

    Since my other comment is not being shown for whatever reason, w-e this is 3 day old news. Anyone following mma seasons would know that, way to be on you game this weekend

  • Mabry

    Screw Lesnar!!!, he doesnt have any love nor respect for the wrestling business, so he should just go back to UFC. I do like UFC too, love watching it, and i feel that Lesnar should stay there, where he can actually hurt ppl as he likes to do, or get hurt as well. And dont tell me its a character, cause it aint, he just doesnt give a crap about wrestling, hes oppenents safety nor hes own safety(just look at the stupid jumping move he did on Cena, i dont know what the heck that was). I just hate to see that guys like him get paid so much for so few in return, while other guys that actually love wrestling are treated like crap, guys like Tyson Kid that could give a lot more in the ring than lesnar…

  • greatest one

    For a much for informative article that is not nearly as biased as this one (and was posted 2 days earlier) visit

    W-e, your up to date information is slacking like the ratings of raw

  • Wellsy

    The only way I’d let him fight before April would be if he can appear in WWE should he return to UFC after his contract is up at WM29. If he’s only good for the odd appearance, that could work out well for everyone.