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Brock Lesnar Flips Out Backstage at Extreme Rules

– Brock Lesnar’s match with John Cena at Sunday’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view got rave reviews from most fans who saw the show, but Lesnar went ballistic backstage after the match and was screaming at WWE officials and ripping apart the locker room.

According to, the huge blow-up took place because of the promo John Cena cut after the match.

The original plan was for Cena to be so badly hurt by Lesnar that even though he won, he would be stretchered out, which would keep Lesnar looking strong.

Lesnar perceived Cena’s speech as a double cross by WWE officials and totally lost it backstage.

The angle on RAW with Lesnar and Triple H and Lesnar’s temporary departure from WWE television was the plan all along, but relations between Lesnar and WWE are not good at the moment.

  • Arrr truth

    If this isn’t a work, Lesnar needs to just collect his supersized paycheck and do what’s he’s told

  • Nicholas

    I don’t think Brock Lasner flip out at all backstage. This is just some dirt sheet crap that the internet use because they have nothing bad to say about the WWE as of right now. You see when it comes to backstage stuff nobody on the internet will every know the truth about what goes on backstage. They just put this stuff on the internet to get a reaction rather it true or not the internet could care less. Brock Lasner is still under contract to the WWE an really there is no where else for him to go right now. He will be off TV for a while but will return in due time. I do feel that HHH and John is going to start heating up. Been saying this for a while sooner or later HHH is going to become the GM of Raw and Smackdown.

  • Arrrrr truth

    Cena didn’t put himself over, he put over the beating he took from Brock, and the Chicago crowd. It made him look even weaker then the guy he just beat. He never goes out of his way to put himself over. His promos, while redundant, reflect the purpose and principles of his character. Cena continued to sell the beating last night. Brock needs to discuss his grievances, not throw tantrums like a toddler.

  • Dave

    He got submitted by Mir first time out. Heath Herring was just hand picked cannon fodder. And Randy Coture was just a blown up Light Heavyweight. Whether he was the champ or not Lesnar had an insurmountable size advantage. Lesnar only ever had a plan A. If he couldn’t take his opponent down and batter him on the floor, he had no backup plan. He got lucky when Carwin gassed himself while turning Brocks face into hamburger meat. And had no such luck against Velazquez and Overeem. Who both battered him. Because if he gets hit with a decent punch, he goes into retreat and gets smashed.
    Brock Lesnars UFC career can be summed up thusly.
    Overhyped and Overrated.

  • blue4everd

    At first i thought Cena’s promo after the match was appropriate because he said he was gonna leave…now that he isnt..WTF?!?!?!?? what was the point in that John?!?!? Why must you always put your self over?! I was gaining respect for you for going through that match and actually entertaining me, but REALLY?!?!? you lost major cool points bud!

  • barry horowitz

    @dave he beat randy couture and frank mir you idiot thats top contenders

  • dave

    Brock is right actually. where is the value in a rematch after cena getting on the mic after a PPV main event (how often has that ever happened) to show yeah im hurt but not bad enough that i cant do a promo!!! the stretcher thing im not sure about but if cena was going to do a promo do it off air or something. Brock did the job for cena and they didnt even sell the beating for brock

  • Wow

    He should be mad. He should have either won or Cena shouldn’t have made that speech. The perception I got from that speech was he’s taking time off to heal. Then he shows up and will be in the next ppv. Makes that speech he made pointless.

  • Stockton Joe

    @Prince There was a wrestler (Kevin Wachwolz aka “Nailz”) who snapped and attacked Vince off-screen over a contract issue back in the early 90’s. He was under contract with WWE at the time, and was fired. What happened on Raw was obviously a Work, which gives credence to the Extreme Rules incident being a Work. If he had not been on Raw on 4-31, they could have kept the audience guessing for a week or two.

  • Pig

    Lesnar is not gonna turn down the dollars. He left his bridge in UFC. He’s not going back there.

    He’s not gonna make the change farming!

  • Prince

    @Stockton Joe Seeing as he signed a year contract he HAS TO be back. So yes, it is an angle. He’s reportedly only required to make a minimum of 2 appearances per month, so he’ll probably come back after Over the Limit.

  • Arrrrr truth

    Brock is getting paid over 5 MILLION dollars for the year. Cena made him look like a monster straight to the end, that includes the speech about how beat up he was. It wasn’t “super-Cena” that beat him (which all of the anti-Cena marks on here will suggest), but a desperate Cena that had to use a chain and the steps to get a pin and Brock walked out looking stronger and came out on Raw looking better than Cena did. Brock bitches about putting people over and he only had to really do it twice: Eddie (so he could drop the belt before his match with Goldberg), and Goldberg (since they were both leaving, but Vince thought he had a better chance of resigning Gold erg if he went over). Cena has put over everybody, though no one likes to admit it, starting with Edge, RVD, Orton, Miz, Del Rio, and most recently the Rock (who has no business beating any current star) and even Albert. Edge, Orton and Punk became arguable megastars due to their programs with Cena. Brock is just here for a huge payday on his terms. It’s one thing to be a diva about things, but a baby-like tantrum is not the reputation a big, dangerous fighter should want or have.

  • Stockton Joe

    It’s So Simple.

    IF this is an Angle, Brock will be back next week.
    IF this is a Shoot, Brock will be gone.

    Me, I think it’s all an Angle. So I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • Stevie P

    IF this is true, I don’t blame him. The guy was meant to be this unstoppable force that could and would hurt people. They bring him in only do have Super Cena do his thing and win out of nowhere and then (besides his “arm strain”) no sell the beating he took from Lesnar by cutting a promo. I don’t get it and I don’t like it. Throwing a fit isn’t really the greatest way to get your point across but I’d be legit pissed too.

  • He’ll get over it. Or he can not get paid.

  • Dave

    If he doesn’t like it. Why not go back to UFC?
    Because in UFC, your hype counts for squat unless you can back it up. And Brock proved he couldn’t back it up against top class opposition.

  • pin4eva

    Brock wants a match with the Game (HHH), I pray he doesn’t get it. As for Big Johnny, he better be sacked for messing with the chairman’s son in law.

  • Red

    Purposely leaked “rumours” these I bet. They want Lesnar’s character to be seen as a “loose cannon”, these kind of reports feed in to that character. This is what WWE wants.

  • JohnCena33

    Hopefully Brock will cool down and stay with WWE (I wouldn’t put it pass Brock to quit again). If Cena and Brock fight again I wouldn’t be surprised if Brock beats the shit out of Cena for real becuase he is probably pissed at Cena becuase of the good promo Cena cut.

  • Devil_Rising

    Brock Lesnar has always been a pampered baby with a huge ego. But why bother bringing him in AT ALL, and building him up so much, JUST to have more of the same, and have Cena somehow magically win? It makes zero sense going forward. You should never act as unprofessionally as Lesnar sometimes does. But at the same time, the WWE had no good reason to book things the way they did.

  • JohnCena33


  • RPM

    that is a shame because the match was good and so was what happend on RAW.

    Hopefully he sticks around and grows up some in the process.

  • TheSheepDog

    stumpy please do not disrespect lesnar on here! you may fall in to that small yet elite club of people, who think for themselves. Thank you

    #barr sheep barr

  • LesnarFan4Life

    Im on Brock’s side with this, they should of had him win the match to make him look strong, losing his first match back and im not surprised he went mad backstage

  • Stumpy

    I see some things never change. Lesnar acted like a child 8 years ago and he still does now.

  • TheSheepDog

    some people are just born to stay young and never grow up. Although i didnt really see how lesnar loosing with cena giving a speech was helpful, cena winning ‘at any cost’ would have been my preferred option, although cena appearing on raw was weird :S maybe due to oh shit lesnar might run again perception if he did throw this tantrum.

    #barr sheep barr

  • Retro

    Brocks right tho, he should of won. IF he had to lose Cena should of been destroyed.

    I dont blame him at all.

  • xXx

    looks like we’re gonna have a repeat from 8 years ago..