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Brock Lesnar All About The Money, His Role in the Next Few Months

– As noted before, Brock Lesnar was told he would be losing to John Cena at Extreme Rules several weeks back. Lesnar has made it clear that he’s about the money, not the ego, and if they want him to lose, he has no problem with it as long as they play fair with him.

According to sources, it was made clear to Cena and Lesnar that their feud would be a one-match program. Officials felt that Lesnar could leave at any time and they needed their top guy getting the win first time out to make sure that it happened.

WWE has already used 5 of Lesnar’s limited dates in the first month of his contract so expect him to be used sparingly if at all over the next few months. With that said, Lesnar vs. Triple H for SummerSlam is reportedly in the works.

Two Storylines Planned for Lesnar, Cena’s Role at SummerSlam and Lots More Scoops…

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Jason L

    @ you need to give him some quality time

    Kinda surprised the thread wasn’t by Middleton as he’s famous for doing that.

    @ arrrr truth

    Amen brother (yes bad Hogan pun I know lol)

    Cena IS a character at the same time he’s not. Similar to Austin. What ya see in the ring is mostly what ya got outside the ring.

    As for the Hogan comparison it’s just a different time. I liked Hogan when I was a kid but eventually went away from that liking Warrior, Savage, Hart, etc more. Hell I was one of the original Undertaker supporters from day 1 (with the exception of the Warrior fued)

    Cena is a hell of a performer and puts people not only in seats but also has ZERO problem putting other talent over. For that you have to respect the guy. Yes he tows the company but it’s his job. For all those Cena haters let me pose this question to you. If you were in John Cena’s place (fame, stardom, millionaire etc) would YOU rock the boat and say, no pun intended, F U to your bosses ? Not me. Cena has actually embraced that & went with it. Yes I admit WWE has shoved him down our throats but I think its paying off. The whole Super Cena thing rather soured me on the character however 2 times in recent memory I’ve been all for Cena. When he came out as The Doctor Of Thuganomics just before Mania and then at Extreme rules. I was actually rooting for him granted it was a no brainer root for him or Brock. Cena is genuine. The fact that Cena is genuine and doesnt let his ego get in the way of getting over and the fact he helps others get over is why Cena has earned my respect.

    Not to mention that things are STORYLINES/SCRIPTS. That in itself is something the wrestling fan knows yet somehow forgets it seems when we post about stuff at times (which in a way is something WWE probably secretly likes because its still preserving sense of kayfaybe) So if there’s anyone to really blame its WWE and more specifically either creative or Vince McMahon since he is the one who gives everything the yes or no decision in the end.

  • Logan

    If anyone has read Brock’s book, nice read btw, uh yeah he pretty much is all about the money.

  • arrrr truth

    they pay well at the department of redundancy department?

    seriously though, you want to compare cena to hogan? lets do that.

    hulk hogan was not only synonymous with wrestling, but he was and still is a huge part of american pop culture and an american hero. during his first run with the wwf, he lost clean once…ONCE in 9 years (warrior @ mania 6), and only lost 2 other times (snme vs. andre, yokozuna at kotr). hogan was NEVER booed by fans whether they were sick of him or not, the fanbase was different and people always wanted to see the good guy win. wrestling forumalas were that simple then: heel stacks the odds against the babyface – babyface triumphs over evil. hogan held down every other face on the roster because he knew that most of them were more talented than him (i.e.: savage, hart)

    now lets talk about john cena. john cena is just as much of a true babyface. “never give up”, “hustle, loyalty, respect”, yada, yada, yada. cena is confronted by a big threat (umaga, khali, big show, etc.), cena triumphs over evil. but heres where the differences come in eric.

    john cena has lost dozens of matches over the last 8 years of his run. ill name over a dozen now. triple h, hbk, batista, edge, orton, punk, del rio, miz, big show, jbl, the rock, albert, wade barret, rvd. furthermore, cena has never gone out of his way to hold down the new talent. hes made great efforts to push ryder, bourne and went as far as to give bryan danielson (A HEEL!!!) a shoutout on live tv! he made edge and orton the monster heels they became and played a huge role in setting up punk to break through the glass ceiling and become an even bigger star than he was.

    cena is not a “gimmick”. his character is who he is. no one, NO ONE in the history of this business will get the response he does when he walks into a crowd, that alone makes him one of a kind. now go back and really read my post and REALLY take the time to see the pint before you regurgitate the same sentence eight different ways junior.

    theres the truth!

  • eric

    arrr truth cena one of kind? lol i mean his gimmick is hulk hogan 1990’s he is not one kind. he had same old and stale superhero gimmick that hulk hogan, hacksaw jim duggan and lexluger had in wwe in federation years. cena gimmick and charcter is not one of a kind. people don’t want to see him on tv. he is most overrated superstar since hulk hogan. only reason he has his top spot is because alot of little kids buy in to his crap. just like little kids did with hogan in 80’s and 90’s. so cena is not one of kind. he is recycle hulk hogan 2.0 superhero gimmick. it has been done before. cena not orginal or one of kind. hogan superhero gimmick was orginal. cena gimmick has been done for over 20 years.

  • Stevie

    Ryback vs Lesnar (Goldberg/Lersnar V2)!!!

  • D2K

    @Wellsy: I agree. Who would you choose to be some new outsiders?

  • you need to give him some quality time

    “Two Storylines Planned for Lesnar, Cena’s Role at SummerSlam and Lots More Scoops…”??

    is that a copy/paste job i see? gotta love wrestling-edge!!!

  • jeff

    If wwe was smart & want ratings put Brock n Hunter on Raw in a match then bulid that for a summer slam match. Then let it go after a while & have Taker do his head games starting in Dec to bulid up for Brock n Taker at W/M

  • Punk Fan 01-Present

    thats interesting. if two new outsiders were to turn cena heel and form something like the nwo who would they be? guys from the company or guys from tna?

  • arrrr truth

    i think wwe fans in general are lucky to have a character like cena. he is one of a kind. he is a masssive, MASSIVE babyface that recieves (depending on the city) immense heel heat. no other time period has had a superstar like that.
    cena fans are paying to go see cena. cena haters are paying in hopes of seeing him turn.
    the situation with brock is different though. “super-Cena” didnt beat him. a desperate cena used a chain and the steel steps to beat brock after the refs missed cena get beat a few times. brock looked better after the match and on raw than cena did. should cena have gone away instead of being booked for the next show? probably. but instead he will be used to put johny ace over even more as the main heel in the company right now.
    cenas gimmick has been slowly evolving over the last year. since last mania he has lost BOTH mania main events, BOTH matches to punk and put del rio over.
    the anti-cena marks wont be happy until he turns heel and that WILL NOT HAPPEN any time soon. and once it does, what happens then? will you just like him because he turned? what if he still plays super cena and runs over all the faces like hogan did with the nwo?
    the man cannot win with the crowd and THAT is who he is.

  • Wellsy

    We need some new Outsiders. They managed to turn the Hulkster!

  • Kris

    Too bad his gimmick really has changed quite a bit since he cme out Save us

  • nick

    CENA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nick


  • SaveUs.150FPS

    Side note: I hate John Cena.

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    You know I never thought about it, but it must be really nice to be a John Cena fan. To be honest I wish i could like him because i would never be disappointed but i just can’t ever like him. Cena fans are pretty lucky, their favorite superstar always gives them what the want. They are never disappointed; he hasn’t changed gimmick or gone away for the past 8 years and currently going on strong, he always wins (most of the time), he’s always in the spotlight, the main focus even when he is not WWE champ, he lost to the Rock but it seems like everyone has already forgot about that entire fued and its as if it never happened and hes back to the same ole super hero gimmick, he always comes out with new gear, and it seems like none of this is ever going to change. People have been talking about a Cena heel turn since 2008 and it’s pretty clear that there isn’t going to be one in the years to come. Cena fans always get what they want. Pretty lucky if you ask me.