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Brock Lesnar Makes His Return to WWE on RAW Tonight

– Former WWE and UFC Champion Brock Lesnar made his return to WWE on tonight’s RAW Supershow from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

Lesnar appeared when John Cena invited The Rock out to close the show. During Cena’s promo, the crowd had chanted for Lesnar twice.

Lesnar laid Cena out with the F5 to end the show.

  • Ray

    We also took our Yes chants to the Heat Game!

  • JohnCena33


  • I’ve nothing against B/Rock coming back. Big fan of both of them, so them kicking butt in WWE is something I always want to see. Just dont agree with the way their comebacks are being handled.
    I seriously doubt that the UFC crowd will tune in to see Brock do scripted fake fighting when they are used to seeing him do the real thing. While the guy is a monster, Brock without Paul Heyman is not as interesting as Brock with Paul Heyman. I mean, lets face it, he’s huge and tremendously athletic but he doesnt have the gift of gab that PH has. So while the Rock (who certainly knows how to use a mic) made a huge comeback( “Rocky” chants went for like ten minutes when the lights went out without there being even a hint of exactly who was going to come out), Brock never got that type of a welcome did he ?
    Especially considering that when these two had a huge feud that saw the People’s Champ take a People’s Beating thanks to Brock. I just dont see Brock making that kind of an impression.
    I’m hoping there wont be a Rock Vs Brock round 2 and Brock gets to feud with guys he can throw good matches with. Matches with guys like Kane, Big Show, Brodus Clay, Mark Henry and not squash matches with jobbers


    This is what you would call a fucking spoiler.. Some people have to wait until wednesday afternoon in australia to watch this. i wont come here again

  • Davey

    That moment when Lesnar kicked Cena’s silly green baseball cap across the ring, with the crowd going crazy, it was almost as though Cena’s entire persona had just been crushed

  • MJ

    SO does this mean that brock lesnar will get heat from fans now? I mean people have said that the rock is a sell out however he came back as a SUCCESS in his film career so he isn’t comming back for the money he’s back because he misses the business

    while Brock lesnar left the wwe filpping everyone off, failed at football, got overhyped in UFC and got his ASS kicked 2 times then quit, now he’s back in wwe F5ing john cena does that mean all the rock haters for calling him a sell out hypocrites? I think so

  • Lord KGM

    Man fans are blind! Lesnar won’t ever face Cena. Hell he probably wasn’t even supposed to debut last night but the crowd forced McMahon to pull the card early. I do believe the Rock was slated to come out and get AA done on him. That would’ve been closure to Wrestlemania and turned Cena heel (which I think wouldve been a better move because Cenas losing steam very fast right now so prolonging the adjustment only hurts WWE.) LESNAR VS. UNDERTAKER the next big thing vs. THE STREAK! All this does is bring me to the UFC staredown between the two. I knew Undertaker. was offended that Lesnar would be returning for the end of the streak and new beginning of another streak. Lesnar is back to REALLY end an era and start his own…so fans thinking they will see Lesnar in action before survivor series, think again. The Rock has returned to movies. He won’t be back until Summerslam, so expect CM Punk to feud with Cena like they were supposed to do but neither at the time were a heel. Cena will be Punk’s major beef for the next 3 ppvs, Punk will have the belt going into Summerslam to face the Rock. Rock will become champion and that will be his last RUN in the WWE period. He may come back for a match here and there after he loses the belt, his title reign will last til right before Survivor Series. I believe Orton will beat the Rock at a Raw before SSeries. The Rock won’t be seen til the Road to Wrestlemania begins in March of 2013. Lesnar and Undertaker should return by the time SSeries comes along, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a traditional match with each being the leaders of their teams. Jericho vs. Punk looks like a possible rematch for Wrestlemania 29 because that match was easily the best technical match of the night. I think by the time for the road to Wrestlemania starts Punk will he champion again (kinda like Cena used to do.) I need to be a writer for WWE lmdao! Finally, Cena will become a heel (along with the Undertaker), his Wrestlemania opponent for next year is EASY! Sheamus will probably have the belt for a full year (with him rumored for a “lengthy” run) setting up for a heel Cena to start over with his roots that made him who he has been the past 6 years. A BIG move to Smackdown when the draft comes will setup the beef but Cena will still be on Raw complaining (which sets him up for a heel turn.) Sheamus is the lone young SUPERSTAR on the Smackdown roster (Del Rio is still a Raw superstar) leaving him no serious competition and a beef with the roles reversed adding on the history between Cena vs. Sheamus will lead up to a GOOD match with interesting storylines leading to Wrestlemania! Peace the lord has spoken!

  • Satan

    Biggest pop ever when a guy that’s been gone so long gets a bigger pop than your main guy there’s a problem.

  • poko


    If you were there, man, then mad props to you and everyone else in the crowd. It was a great RAW and the crowd was a HUGE part of that.

    The irony of Sheamus getting heat from the audience because of that pathetic match at WM was awesome, especially when the WWE turned it into a squash to put him over.

  • kitkrock

    brick lesnar sucks.
    we want kimbo slice

  • RPM

    best raw in the last 3 years, I don’t think I’ve been so excited – even stayed off the sheets until after I watched it to avoid any spoilers.

    good times ahead, nice to see Matt Bloom back too – exciting!

  • cakes

    As a fan of the WWE and Brock Lesnar, I must admit that I was extremely disrespected when Brock Lesnar just left the WWE. Although he was EXTREMELY talented (as a character and as a real life ass kicker), he was pretty much given everything on a silver platter by the WWE. The hatred and jealously that the rock was getting for leaving the WWE is something I feel that Brock Lesnar should be getting. The Rock was with the company for 7 years (and grew up in the business), accomplished everything, and defined the word longjevity in this business. Brock, however, was really only with the company for 3 years and walked out after the WWE built their future around him. I understand why Lesnar left and supported his decision, but I wasn’t a fan of how he bashed wrestling after he left. But, that doesn’t change the fact that with him returning, the possibilities and potential feuds are AMAZING. Lesnar can come out and say that he was the next big thing before Cena blew up and Cena only became a star because Lesnar left and allowed him to be. This can bring back the Rock who can argue that Lesnar only became a star after he beat the Rock, and once the Rock left, it allowed Lesnar the opportunity to leave wrestling and find success else where. This will cause Cena to use his redundant “I bust my ass every night” speech after you 2 turned your backs on the fans. Eventually, Cena can challenge the Rock at his “new hometown” LA at Summerslam while Lesnar can fight Taker in the mean time. Have Cena beat the Rock at SS thus making their records 1-1 against each other since their feud is evolving into who is the greatest WWE superstar of all time. But, Lesnar eventually intervenes claiming that neither the Rock or Cena has beaten him and Brock has beaten both Cena and Rock. This will lead up to WM29 where Lesnar vs Cena vs Rock is the main event.

  • VenomEX

    so……we’re going to pretend that wrestlemania 20 didn’t happen?

  • devontet

    Cena: “you did this for a year. And left for 8. I’ve been here every night busting my ass”
    Brock: “and while you were here I was out in UFC making Frank Mir my bitch”
    Cena: “and after that Valesquez and Overeem made you theirs”
    Brock: “that’s funny cuz right now I’ll make you mines!”

    Crowd: “YES YES YES YES YES”

  • jim

    im not gonna get to excited yet..this could be a set up for another match that is a year away.its nice that lesnar came back.but if i have to wait another whole year just to watch him wrestle it will be a big buzz kill

  • Ray

    We also chanted Lesnar the whole night!! And there was a huge Macho Man chant for the guy dressed as Randy Savage in the front Row.

  • Ant

    @Robinson..shut up and let us enjoy Brock Lesnars return i marked out when i heard brock lesnars music

  • Jon-Jon

    The storyline should be set up as Brock coming back to claim what is rightfully his. The top spot in the WWE. He can talk about how him leaving was the only thing that made Cena THE guy, but now, his time is over.

  • Ray

    We blew the roof off that stadium!! We wanted the world to know Bryan was robbed at Mania and he is under appreciated!! We chanted yes the WHOLE night!! Bryan came out for the 6 man dark match and said Mania was the worse night of his life but we made tonight the greatest night of his life!! He said that with our chants that the WWE are thinking of making a shirt because of us!! And we better buy it!! 😀

  • D2K

    @Robinson: The Rock basically did that same thing dude. There is a parade of people whom bad-mouthed WWE after they left and came back later on. It’s par for the course, not even close to being a issue.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I am going to take a stab at some predictions.

    Lensar Vs. Cena at Summerslam (Lesnar wins), Lesnar Vs. Taker at Wrestlemania 29 (Taker wins), and Cena probably “defies all odds” and defeats Rock in theeir rematch. That’s what I’m thinking, and it would probably be very good. I’d be all for Lesnar Vs. Cena Vs. Rock, but I am not sure WWE would go with the triple threat instead of a one on one.

  • jigsaw

    lately i have kind of lost my excitment & appreciation for the game of wrestling but now with brocks return hopefully permanent things may be looking on the up within the wwe.

    next thing they need to do is to get rid of the pg era shit & get layla to pose in playboy.

  • Keith

    Not going to lie, I fell asleep on Cena’s promo, and woke up to Brock Lasnars giving the F5 to Cena…. I was like holy shit and hit the rewind button to see that again. That was the Best part of the night

  • Robinson

    Are you all a bunch of retards… For years he did nothing but bag wrestling and now your all excited to see him. The douche bag couldnt make it to the NFL, completly sucked in the ufc (he had weight on couture thats the only reason he beat him and he lost to carwin, when a fighter is in the fetal position and not defending him self is a loss) and now hes goung back to the WWE for only the money and thats it because hes an attention hor. So everybody bags the rock who came back because he loves the buisness but everybody wants lesnar back….. Are you fucking kidding me?!

  • Dystre Fjell

    That F5 was awesome. Seems like almost all returning wrestlers want a shot at the established company guy to get back to the top asap. Sucks to be you Cena !

  • Ryan

    @Wayne Rio I think we need Rock vs Brock II its just a must!!! As long as batista doesn’t feud with cena again I think it will be fine. Why not a batista/Orton feud use triple h as the ref?

  • Wayne Rio

    Im So Glad Lesnar Is Back!! Wudnt Be Good To Set Up, John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar For Extreme Rules, The Rock Vs Brock Lesnar At SummerSlam, Then At WrestleMania 29 The Rock Vs Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena!! What Ya Guys Think?

  • Pissed Off Fan =(


  • Splash

    The Rock, Brock, Yes Chants… I’ve been marking out all night.. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill


  • D2K

    From the time Lesnar’s music hit till the show was over was better than 80% of WM28 (the 20% being the Taker/HHH match which was good.)

  • Superman

    Here comes the pain! Great return but he should have F5’d both Cena and Rock thus setting up Cena vs Rock vs Brock at Wrestlemania his is what it’s like when worlds collide

  • devontet

    “After 8 long years. Finally the Brock has come back….. HOME”
    Lol I couldn’t help tht one.
    I mean the rock said it after 7 years so yeah.