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Brock Lesnar’s Camp to Respond to Triple H Tonight on RAW

Today WWE sent out a second text alert announcing that Brock Lesnar’s camp will respond to Triple H’s challenge to a match at this year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view event on RAW tonight.

The text message only referred to Lesnar’s “camp,” and did not specify whether Lesnar or Paul Heyman will appear on the show.

  • ant

    scooter u cant ask internet marks who dont even know what jobbing really is that question cuz theyre idiots

  • scooter

    Who has he “jobbed” to so far the way I remember it he put Cena over but looked pretty damn good in the process.

  • Knightcon

    I look forward to seeing Heyman say yes to the match. Lesner jobbing sucks mainly cuz if he faces taker at wrestlemania we already know he’ll job to him. Have him win a few matches and it’ll be believable he might beat undertaker

  • Captain Lou Albino

    The entire Lesnar affair has really gone stale. Anyone with two brain cells knows Lesnar is a major PPV shower only. Whether he or Heyman show tonight is irrelevant. The money he is being paid is ludicrous for what little he brings back to the WWE table. Couple that with Creative’s horrendous track record as of late and you get what we have.

  • Turd Ferguson


  • Deva

    so brock lesner is just going to job to anyone when he makes his few appearances. Vince needs to teach him a lesson for talking to dana white

  • Dave

    I think we can safely assume WWE aren’t going to use up another of Lesnars appearances just to have him accept HHHs challenge. This will be one for “The Swinging Schlong of the Extreme”.

  • ant

    people talk hella shit about Brock Lesnar but i for one am looking forward to seeing him and triple h go at it at Summerslam

  • Maxwell

    I was hoping maybe there was more wrestling on tonights show..but seeing with Johnny-Big Show thing, Cyndi Lauper, and this, it looks like its gonna be a talk show.