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More on Brock Lesnar’s Status, UFC President Asked About a WWE Return

– UFC President Dana White said at the UFC 141 post-fight press conference in Las Vegas that he had no idea Brock Lesnar was going to retire if he lost. Dana also said that Brock thought one of his ribs was broken after the hard body kick from Alistair Overeem.

A reporter asked Dana if Lesnar was free to go to “the other company,” referencing Lesnar returning to WWE. Dana said that Lesnar is retiring from UFC under contract and will remain under contract unless he and Lesnar can come to terms. Dana said he doesn’t think Lesnar should retire but won’t argue with a man who wants to retire.

Another reporter asked White if Lesnar can wrestle again and Dana said, “we will have to figure that out.”

Overeem, who defeated Lesnar in the first round of their UFC 141 main event, also said he doesn’t think Lesnar should retire. Lesnar had told his wife, former WWE star Sable, that he would retire now if he lost at UFC 141 and if he won at UFC 141, he would retire after his next fight.

Brock did not attend the post-fight press conference last night as he was receiving medical attention.

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  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Once again when Brock loses and feels the pain he runs.

  • roaddogg

    brock could be a comater or a backstage roll in wwe if his heath is a bit off

  • for the money

    I think Brock is a top notch guy. He went balls into the UFC had some good fights won or lost. Then the guy has the illness and comes back to “test” things. My guess is he was probably advised not to come back, and he felt that he could because he can crush guys. In this case, the opponent too advantage of a weak spot and thats what did brock in. Id say if he had not had the illness nor the surgery he would have given us a couple of good years of fights. Who knows, maybe money will talk him into a couple of fights. But I dont see the guys coming back.
    Either way it was a pleasure to watch him. If he ever ends up in the wwe (which I dont think he will) it would kinda cool. But he said wwe is fake. So I really cant see him coming back.

  • sable returns yay we hopefully get to see the pupys

  • scooba steve

    @ Jason
    Brock is like goldberg two big guys that have maybe two or three moves and then ends the match they both suck

  • shawn

    brock should take it easy, not be on a plane trip…

  • luckysalt

    If Heyman was with TNA there would have been a chance of him being there, but without him running the show there’s no chance.

    He’ll turn up in WWE at some point for a match no doubt. Its been nearly 9 years however, Brock isn’t THAT young anymore

  • MikeCrazy

    TNA can’t afford Brock.

  • Ron Damon

    @ Jason Yeah, because old men in their deathbeds make the best wrestlers by hogging the spotlight from the new generation. I will, however admit that if Lesnar were to go to TNA, it would boost their piss poor ratings significantly.

  • Jason

    Brock Lesnar is still a young guy and is better then all of the wwe talents put together at the moment. So because of that yes I do want him in TNA with the best wrestlers around today. Brock for TNA

  • Make It Happen

    Make it happen, WWE!

  • diddy


  • Second City Saint

    as Tazz used to say on smackdown…well here comes the pain !

  • ShockmasterIs#1

    The promo’s aren’t for lesnar he would’ve retired earlier instead of having two or three days to negotiate his contract release. The only way he’s able to appear at 1/2/12 is if he takes the first deal Dana puts on the table which will probably means he will get little to no contract buyout money.

  • donners

    not meaning to talk badly about lesnar and the illness he came back from because it was life-threatening at one point, but all of the build-up to the fight was lesnar saying he was better than ever since the surgery and that he’d basically been at 50% for all of his previous fights.

    he got beat convincingly because he didn’t do what he does best – takedowns, pressure and ground and pound – he tried to trade shots with the a knockout machine and failed miserably.

    the first thing he said after the fight was ‘i did really well to come back from my illness, blah, blah, blah….’

    he’s used it as an excuse since it was first made public; just accept the fact that you may be big, but you’re not as good as you think you are.

    (cue the ‘disikes’)

  • Biff

    brock is a loser and I hope wwe treats him as such, he left at the height of his wwe made fame and continued to cash in on it

  • JIR

    people stop trying to figure it out its just a few more days let this play out and enjoy it on Monday whom ever it is just let it be.

    Happy and Safe New Year

  • Strude

    Return at the rumble?

  • mrfireman214

    maybe the cryptic videos are for him and some new angle?

  • Stumpy

    The timing is uncanny…

  • out of my mind

    Who wants him????

  • KGM Da Master