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Brock Lesnar’s UFC 14 Loss Not Being Overturned

– According to the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s Keith Kizer, Alistair Overeem’s failed drug test – where he tested positive for an elevated T/E ratio – will not change the decision of Overeem’s UFC 141 win over Brock Lesnar.

Overeem had failed to comply with a random drug test prior to UFC 141, and he was required to address the NSAC, which granted him a provisional license. The license was granted under the condition that he pass multiple tests before and after the fight. Plus, he was subject to two random tests in the months following the event.

One of the random tests produced the positive result, and it was originally suspected that this would overturn the decision at UFC 141. However, Kizer said, he was unsure of any other mitigating circumstances that could have an effect on that fight. “By itself, [the] test result has no effect on that decision.”

Credit: MMATorch

  • SYM

    Overeem shouldve been listening to X-Pac’s theme.

  • SYM

    UFC’s as Real as Kamala’s Foot being banned

  • Jon-Jon

    UFC is as real as Lee Harvey Oswald assassinatinjg JFK.

  • Satan

    UFC is as real as Brett Michaels wig with a bandanna wrapped around it

  • Buttercastle

    UFC is as real as Vicky Guerrero’s cougar-ness.

  • SYM

    UFC is as real as Tupac’s Death.

  • SYM

    UFC is as real as Beniot’s prescription for Roids.

  • BigSexy

    nick diaz’s one fight was turned from a win to a no contest for failing a test after(weed)

  • SYM

    UFC is as Real as Awesome Kongs baby

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Has a UFC fight ever been overturned over a failed drug test?

  • Robinson

    That theu should just delete the ufc section

  • Dean

    I get the feeling they dont really care about the UFC, since they update it one in a blue moon.

  • Seth

    UFC 14 eh? Considering it was 15 years ago, I don’t think Brock was in that one. Simple read through of the headlines would be good.