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More on Brock Lesnar’s WWE Return, Why He Didn’t Appear at WrestleMania 28

– Brock Lesnar signed his one-year deal with WWE before he arrived in Miami during WrestleMania 28 weekend. The decision was made over the weekend to keep Lesnar off WrestleMania and have him return on RAW the next night.

The main reason for keeping him off WrestleMania was to not cloud the end of the story between John Cena vs. The Rock because the idea is for Lesnar to be kicking off a “new chapter.”

Source: PWInsider

  • JohnCena33


  • Dang

    OH YEAH!!Now I Know The Match Card Of WrestleMania 29
    John Cena vs The Rock vs Brock Lesnar – WWE Champion

  • hjkhjk

    This is so dumb.. Didn’t he bitch about WWE’s life on the road and how it wasn’t for him?

  • SYM

    Lesnar vs Kaitlyn First Blood Match

  • kitkrock

    i wanna see Brick Lesnar feud with Sin Cara.

  • Stevie P

    I think it’s awesome that they didn’t rush it. Good for them.

  • Statch

    Or for a feud with Mason Ryan? Nah, jokes aside I’d love to see him fued with Wade Barrett due to the cage fighting background.

  • undertaker

    cena>lesnar @poko

  • Bill

    Ironic. 10 years ago, Lesnar made his debut & started a new chapter in WWE, & now he’s doing the same today.

  • Rock/Austin/Trish/FTW

    I wanna see Brock feud with Cena, HHH, Punk, Bryan, and The Rock, everybody else suck.

  • poko

    I don’t have a problem with that. Things worked out well this way, and we didn’t have to deal with any tainted wins. Now the Cena vs. Lesnar feud can be totally separate from the Rock vs. Cena feud.

    Plus this way we got Brock saving us from Cena’s really boring “I’m a great person” speech on RAW.

  • Ant

    Brock Lesnar coming back means more new feuds for him and i for one would like to see him feud with cm punk,randy orton,sheamus,mark henry,and cody rhodes (since we still dont know if hes a face or heel those are my top 5 i would love to see lesnar feud with)