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Who Brodus Clay May Feud With Upon TV Return, Alberto Del Rio Not Used, More

— WWE creative have talked about Brodus Clay feuding with The Miz if or when he resumes appearing on television again.

The Funkasaurus has appeared at recent Raw live events. He was reportedly removed from television last month due to Vince McMahon’s unhappiness with his ring work.

— Alberto Del Rio was backstage at this week’s television events but not used. He returned to the ring at this past weekend’s SmackDown live events after sustaining a groin tear during the tag team main event of the December 19, 2011 edition of Raw SuperShow.

— The Raw live event on March 2 in Cornwall, Ontario drew 2,500 paying $70,000. Raw on March 3 in Ottawa, Ontario drew 3,500 paying $155,000. Raw on March 4 in Bangor, Maine drew 5,500 paying $175,000. Smackdown on March 3 in Albany, Georgia drew 4,200 paying $135,000. SmackDown on March 4 in Macon, Georgia drew 5,000 paying $140,000.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Viscera had a ring presence?????? really devil rising?? really??

  • 808notsogreat

    the funkasaurus debut was fun the first time but 3+ weeks in a row of the same shit got old the first time out. i was hoping for something different but every time he came out, i was thinking FLASH FUNK and the FUNKETTES. look where that got 2 Cold Scorpio.

    I do hope something turns up for Clay. Sucks to have so much invested in him only to turn to shit and piss.

  • Devil_Rising

    I really could care less if Clay ever returns to TV. Sure, it’s nice to see a guy who isn’t just a huge muscle man. But at the same time, Clay has always been just very…”meh”. He doesn’t have presence, like other BIG men wrestlers in the past have had, like Rikishi, Yokozuna, Earthquake, Viscera, etc.

  • ogitchida

    DAMN !!! gone are the days of WWE actually drawing at “live shows” those are low numbers how ever you want to cut it…

  • KpNuttzLol

    I don’t think this is to punish the Miz, I think it could be to give Brodus a better opponent who isn’t a super hero (Orton,Cena etc). Of course it will be at the Miz’s expense but surely not too bury him when the roster lacks depth….

    …Then again I could be wrong. Vince sure knows how to hold a grudge.

  • Its mind boggling to think that just a year ago at this time miz was champ and on his way to headlining wrestlemania

  • Mark

    see you miz !!!

  • Mabry

    how can you evaluate someone if you only give him a minuite or less to perform???? THATS DUMB!!!…. or are hes house show matches longer???

  • Houndy

    And yet Vince continues to send him all over the world on PR tours and appearances. Hell he was on SkySports the other week in prime Miz style that we haven’t seen on Raw since mid last year.

    He just toured Moscow and Poland as well. Maybe they let him keep the airline miles in exchange for jobbing….

  • Cool Daddy

    Really? Whos Awesome now?

  • Devil_Rising

    to be fair, id rather be jobber than a weak champion he was made to be. either way still earning shit load of money and of course bangs maryse

  • Deva

    miz has now become a complete jobber and santino has taken his place as a higher midcarder

  • Whooper

    How the hell was Clay evaluated with his few minutes of wrestling on Raw/Smackdown. Wouldn’t they of known this with all of his matches on Superstars and NXT?

  • Prince

    Lol, wow The Miz has fallen far. It would be humiliating to have to job to Brodus Clay over and over again.

  • Prince

    Lol, wow The Miz has fallen far. It would be humiliating to have to job to Brodus Clay over and over again.