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Brodus Clay Trends Worldwide, Why Big Show Wasn’t on RAW Tonight, More

– CM Punk vs. The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena in a cage match is now the main event for WWE’s December 28th RAW live event at Madison Square Garden.

– Despite not appearing on tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow, Brodus Clay was trending worldwide right before Mark Henry came out to face Zack Ryder.

– Big Show was not on tonight’s RAW because he appeared at the American Country Awards in Las Vegas. The show was broadcast on FOX. Show did a comedy skit where he chokeslammed host Trace Adkins and then presented an award.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Black Blue Blazer

    If Brodus Clay doesn’t show up on Raw soon, he will be in the Rumble. If he’s not in the Rumble, then expect him to be future endeavored…

  • venom

    It’s hard to take Clay’s push seriously if he doesn’t debut.

  • Zach D

    That’s incorrect about Madison Square Garden. On that night, it will be a triple threat cage match without Miz, as announced in the Pittsburgh area for the 28th. Cant get ur facts straight?

  • rabid

    whats gonna happen is hes not going to meet the hype.. banished to smackdown was excited to heard he was coming back 7 weeks ago now i kinna laugh about it

  • liam

    yawn they should keep him for the elimination chamber as a surprise entrant who just kills everyone 🙂

  • best in the world, you know it!

    Hah he never crossed my mind. I thought it was gonna be Kevin nash

  • Bawb

    He’s going to appear, make a couple of beatdowns, get pregnant, and cry in the middle of the ring. And that’s all.


    Yeah me too…I bet $1,000 you to myself that it was clay…I lost! Lol

  • yo

    Clay was trending because everyone (including me) tought he would face Ryder.