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Brooke Hogan and Knockouts Doing Media Thursday Promoting Impact Wrestling

Brooke Hogan will be appearing on multiple television and radio programs in the New York City area on Thursday to promote her arrival to the cast of the highly-rated weekly wrestling program, TNA’s IMPACT WRESTLING starting Thursday, May 31 on Spike TV. Catch the second generation entertainer on Thursday on the following shows:


*Fox & Friends (Fox News Channel 8-9am ET)

*Inside Edition (CBS)

*Showbiz Tonight with A.J. Hammer (HLN @ 11pm ET)

Sirius XM radio:

*Shade 45 with SWAY


*Getting Late

*Morning Jolt with Larry Flick

*Busted Open

Velvet Sky announced Wednesday on Twitter that she and fellow TNA Knockout ODB will be appearing on Fox & Friends Thursday morning promoting IMPACT WRESTLING going live on May 31.

  • Chris

    It takes longer than two years to make a company

  • Mongo

    Hogan and Bischoff have had a couple of years to make “a billion dollars” but instead made TNA circle the drain.

  • Chris

    Man you guys are sad, I swear Bischoff and Hogan could make TNA a billion dollars and most of you would still bash them. Grow the fuck up

  • Tyler(:

    Hollywood Today and Inside Edition? – Nope, because they claimed to “Wrestling Matters”

  • 1919dpg

    Tune into Spike tv to watch this dumb bitch in shitty backstage skits talking nonesense she has no clue about!

    wooo can’t fucking wait. Tna should NOT have her go on a promotional tour because it just makes tna look cheap..

    the bitch has horribly failed in her field. what knowledge could she convey to the knockouts in wrestling of all things?

  • Chris

    Ajd no TNA is now moving in the right format. Bischoff is doing what needs to be done to promote and build TNA wrestling into a brand. Ask yourself this? Before Bischoff took over as EP did any TNA stars appear on highly rated TV news programs such as Hollywood Today and Inside Edition? The answer is no

  • Ajd

    TNA has now became Hulk Hogans Promotions and dixe carter is dumb for letting this happen.