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Brooke Hogan to Wrestle at TNA BFG?, Aces & 8s at Live Events, Chavo

– TNA had a member of the Aces & 8s group attack Jeff Hardy at a weekend live event in Ottumwa, Iowa. They attacked James Storm the night before.

– Chavo Guerrero began working TNA live events this past weekend.

– TNA officials are considering a Madison Rayne vs. Brooke Hogan match for this year’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view.

The idea behind the match would be that Brooke does a bunch of mainstream media that week to promote her first-ever wrestling match and TNA gets the publicity they need.

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  • wildeye

    I agree that she should not wrestle but i will also say who knows if she can. she might have been training when her music failed. think about it she is a hogan and daddy could have trained her while getting off thinking it was his wife considering his wife looks like his daughter

  • KingAlbert

    lol, Thought when she first started she wasn’t going to wrestle. TNA lied again.

    TNA is sooo shit, having this loser wrestle.

  • adam

    She should not even be in wrestling. First off they put her in charge of the knockout diivision now they have her wrestle. She has no athletic ablity no mic ablity she is only in tna because of her daddy. Its the same with brutus beefcake. He was only in wrestling because he was hogans buddy. As for the sin cara comment from deva. Yea he botches alot but at least he has natural athletic and wrestling ablity he just isnt used to the wwe style. Brooke has no ablity at all and there trying to act like she does. Also she is a D list at most celeb no one is going to give two shits that she is wrestling at a tna ppv.

  • xXx

    oh god why? o^o

  • Bill

    Just push AJ Styles, TNA. Please.

  • Deva

    you have to look at the flip side of things, yes brooke hogan cannot wrestle, it amazes me how some people think they can do it in 5 days of training. BUT! She will have more flops and botches then sin cara and that will make me laugh my ass off! Grab a pipe or beer and enjoy, You know you guys watch wrestling botches and laugh!!

  • 1919dpg

    Who will take it seriously? brooke is a dumb bimbo who failed miserably in music and is now in tna because of her father.

    she’ll make tna look second rate and madison rayne like a jobber.

  • sam

    im sorry but what exposure, if any can she bring into TNA. who really is going to want to see her *wrestle*. why not put another knockout in that match that can.

  • TomC

    Always laughable reading comments from morons like “pulgeezy” and “BlaH” above . . . so eager for TNA to fail in favor of their favorite cartoon show, WWE.

    Keep the comedy comin’, morons.

    LMAO !!!

  • PinkSinCara

    Madison Rayne should resign NOW before it’s too late

  • SYM

    the two sexist idiots who wrote before me should shut up.

  • BlaH

    What kind of publicity can Brooke stur up no cares about he d list ass. If she was
    someone ppl cared about she wouldnt b on impact

  • pulgeezy

    And on that day not a single shit was given.