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Brooke Tessmacher: WWE Release Was “Expected”, TNA A “Dream Come True”

Impact Wrestling star Brooke Tessmacher joined us earlier this week on our DD360 radio show talking about the great year she’s had in the Knockouts division, including becoming an active in-ring performer and her Tag Team Championship run with Tara.

Brooke talks about her WWE release, reveals the story of how she got into TNA for the first time, her tag team with Tara and much more.

Full interview available here.

On her time in WWE: “I had a lot of fun in WWE. I was training. At first they moved me out to Atlanta to learn how to wrestle. I mean, I was only there a month before I got brought up and I was full time on the road with Extreme Exposé [her dance group with Layla and Kelly Kelly]. We were dancing every week, and we had a few matches — battle royals and stuff like that — but I never got a chance to show there what I was learning back off the road.”

“It was fun, but I wanted to wrestle then. It’s great to go out there and be eye candy and an exhibitionist, and I got to work with Layla and Kelly, who are amazing and have gone way further and far beyond than what I think a lot of people would have thought, and they deserve every bit of it. But I never got to show that before I left, so that’s what’s great now in TNA. It’s a great company. I love where I’m at, though. I wouldn’t change it for the world. It was definitely an experience of a lifetime to travel with WWE.”

On her WWE release being “expected”: “It was expected. There were a few little issues then. It did suck because I didn’t get to make the stamp that I wanted to. I was kind of unhappy about it. It’s something that I don’t talk about too much. I kinda knew it was coming, put it that way.”

On how she joined TNA: “I did a wrestling appearance with a promoter and he asked me, ‘Why don’t you go to TNA? Those are the girls who know how to work’. It’s all about how you can work in the ring. It’s not all about tits-and-ass and who can be the sluttiest. This is about going out there and showing their skills. We have the best of the best where we’re at now.”

“He gave me a number to call [TNA] and kind of set it up for me, and they said, ‘Yeah, why don’t you come out’. I was just like, ‘Wow’. I never in a million years thought that I’d be doing it again. Then I started training, getting better and learning how to be a so-called ‘wrestler’ from a ‘model’. [Laughs]”

“It really was out of the blue. It couldn’t have been a bigger dream come true.”

  • Jason

    IronCross WWE is not the premiere wrestling company anymore. TNA is way better and only a child would say other wise. WWE marks = 12 year old kids

  • Doomsdae

    It is also funny that TNA’s shows have less than 200 people show up to watch it. Also their shows are boring and they keep trying to live in the past. Hogan vs. Sting, Sting vs. Ric Flair, Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan, Rob Van Damn vs. Jerry Lynn, and their original stars Christopher Daniels vs. A.J. Styles. That company is the WCW of this generation granted they don’t pay as well as WWE. The Knockouts can’t wrestle WWE may not have the best women’s matches but at least they actually try rather than use someone for a week then give people a character then do matches that no one cares about such as Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky. Can you say snooze fest? TNA refuses to use all of their supposed Knockouts and WWE does. TNA Sucks.

  • lushie

    @venom, funny, because its still more than you will ever make.

  • venom

    Dream come true is working in front of less people and making less money. I’m glad she’s happy.

  • ironcross

    love how wwe rejects say joining tna is a dream come true. just because they cant hack it in the premiere wreslting company.

  • I only tuneupermanWell i

    Well I only tune in to see their tna’s especially velvet sky’s

  • Dave S

    The TNA knockouts put on a better match than 75% of the men in the WWE.

  • chronoxiong

    Sorry Tessmacher, but I’m interested in your ass. Lol…

  • Big Papa


    Don’t forget the live sex celebration.

  • Greg

    WWE is pg they can’t have sluts working for them anymore unfortunatly:( I miss the bikini contests and bra and panties matches:((

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Thong match and was in a Hooters competition… Yep, she totally isn’t into Tits N Ass.

  • Superman

    Funny because tna was originally supposed to be an adult oriented wrestling company literally Tits And Ass now becoming TNA

  • Second City Saint

    Brooke Tessmacher is hot

  • PinkSinCara

    “It’s not all about tits-and-ass and who can be the sluttiest”. That’s funny Brooke, weren’t you just in TNA’s Thanksgiving Thong match?