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Bruno Meets Punk, Cena Has Words for R&B Singer, RAW Rating

– Bruno Sammartino posted the following on Twitter:

“@CMPunk @WWE @WWEUniverse @TripleH DRUG FREE thats been my life and message for the past 77 years. We see eye to eye”

CM Punk Shows Bruno His Drug Free Tattoo

– As noted earlier, Monday’s RAW did 4.61 million viewers. The rating was a 3.45.

– John Cena told CNN that he wouldn’t mind going toe-to-toe with R&B singer Ray J because of his new track called, “I Hit It First”, which references the his former girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. Cena said:

“If he’s ridiculous enough to make a song as stupid as that, he certainly is ridiculous enough to make a bad decision to step in the ring with John Cena anytime, anywhere. I would love for him to be a superstar for a day on WWE and I’d hopefully knock some class into him.”

  • Tracy Durham

    Look at all the trash talkers! No not Cena, I am referring to the posters here. Bet everyone of you if given the chance Would be all over Kim Kardashian. But because Cena said it then it has to be wrong, right? Well He is correct Ray J is a classless bum.

  • meow

    ha ha Brunos expression says “ugh look at this dirty tattooed young person”.

    and I agree with Cena that song is disgusting and wrong… actualy boast about having sex with that stupid whore is terrible, it is nothing to be proud of.

    And Cena I’ve heard you on the Howard Stern show boasting about screwing strippers and 300 pound rats, stop being a mark for your own babyface character like Bret Hart was.

  • stockshark28

    Didnt Cena just get divorced because he was cheating on his wife? What a role model dude cant smell his own shitt!

  • Elvis Dolinski

    I guess Cena has a soft spot for whores, How dare you Ray J make a song about Kim Kardashian? the real question is? How dare you Cena? Stick up for a Whore of a role model, making girls dumber everyday, that encourages women to be whores to get what they want?

  • Nick McGinniskin

    Nah bro if you wrestle you can smash anyone anytime.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Cena has got to be the biggest tool I have ever heard of