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Bruno Sammartino Possibly Open To WWE Hall of Fame Induction

WWE Hall of Fame discussions have started. According to Raj Giri of, Bruno Sammartino remains at the top of the list and a source close to Bruno syas that he has not closed the door to a possible induction.

Bruno would apparently agree to be inducted only if the money is right, which be believes is about respect and to rectify “past financial injustices” relating to royalties from the marketing of his merchandise and action figures. Bruno is adamant that the situation be addressed before he would consider being inducted.

Bruno also insists that any deal that he makes to enter the WWE Hall of Fame is independent of any financing or distribution deal for the potential theatrical film to be made of his life. He would like for that movie to be made, but is financially “very comfortable” and would not be heartbroken if it is not.

Bruno is said to be open to talking to Triple H at any time, and has always been open to take his calls. The report also noted that Bruno has never told Triple H not to call him and never will.

  • Warriors Armpit

    article was cut and paste from this months power slamm magazine…. well done guys…

  • Tombstone

    Bruno Sammartino is one of the all time greats, But getting paid for being honored makes absolutely no sense at all to me.
    Then of course when you have people such as Drew Carey and Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame, Then how much of an honor is it?

  • ice-cream bar superstar

    At the end of the day, it’s always about money.

  • ##

    Tombstone is such a dumb fuck

  • Jimbo

    Financially very comfortable, but wants money to get inducted.


  • scooter

    Always said I could see both sides of the argument when Bruno was taking the route of “tradition is dead etc.” but now it seems like its all about the money.

  • Stevie P

    ^What an awful troll.

    Bruno’s problem is he’s still living in the 60’s and he hates where the product has gone. He has to move on.

  • Tombstone

    fuck bruno! he did nothing for the industry!! he was not around in attitude era so yea fuck him. Its not he doesnt want induction, he simply sucks too much to be offered it, so takes this opposing stance!

    wish they brought him out so Heath Slater could squash him!!! 3MB for life babayyyyy


    I don’t understand why someone would want to take this stance in regards to being in the Hall of Fame he owes it to himself and deserves to be in the hall of fame fuck all that bullshit and just agree to be a part of it Macho Man is long overdue to be in the hall of fame as well.

  • ##

    For the love of god just do it already Bruno!!