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Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– It appears Bubba the Love Sponge is still with TNA after meeting with Dixie Carter, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan on Tuesday night. He wrote the following on Twitter:

“went over 2tna lot shot my deal met with hulk & Eric saw Dixie2 I think it’s better Planned some sneaky stuff with them2. going2bed but after my meeting with hogan and seeing the #s Dixie annouced I’m very excited tna is on the course2 give Vince a good fight”

– Ric Flair signed his deal with TNA just a few days before Monday’s live iMPACT. His deal is for 65 appearances over one year’s time. It’s believed Flair is working on a guaranteed money deal and is still able to book his own outside-TNA appearances. In an effort to get him on Monday’s show, word is that TNA offered Flair more money.

It’s said that TNA really wants Flair to be part of “the team” and be a face for the company. Some feel that Flair’s heart isn’t really in TNA and he’s more interested in the money than helping TNA succeed.

  • Brasco

    Devil_Rising 100% TRUE !!

  • Big Saw

    That’s bullshit man. Ric Flair has been helping the younger stars get heat for years. It’s pretty much all he can do these days. Hogan won’t do shit though.

  • Devil_Rising

    When is anyone going to learn that guys like Flair and Hogan don’t care about helping out young wrestlers, much less helping a company flourish. If they cared about those things, WCW wouldn’t have gone out of business.

  • dave1234

    i dont think hogan is going to be the one to guide tna to the next step.. sure there were spots on monday’s show where we saw hope for this wrestling organization. the angle vs styles match was amazing and the jeff hardy surprise caught evryone of guard. however, all the predictions were true. the nasty boys came back, val venis was given a sopt on the show and most importantly the show ended with the “oldsiders” attacking mick foley… the ending segment of a show is very important as it not only brings forth the things that are to come but also the direction the storylines are going towards. thi also feel that tna focused more on having all these random apperances by different stars and forgot on the important fact of buiding direction for the future.

  • RPM

    If any of what hogan was saying on monday is true he is actually going to try and help the company and the talent.
    I will believe it when I see it but if he does he was in it for more then money and its good to see.

    I would assume at least 50% of those 63 appearances will be PPV.

  • scooter

    redforce keep in mind hes almost broke he really could use the money

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