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Buff Bagwell Says He Gave Away $120K To Join WWE, Shoots Down TNA Rumors

Buff Bagwell appeared on 4th & Pain where he cleared up rumors that Eric Bischoff spoke with him about returning to TNA Wrestling. The multi-time WCW Tag Team Champion says the conversation never took place, but he did speak with Sting about returning to the promotion.

Bagwell also weighs in on whether TNA’s decision to take Impact on the road will help grow the brand or prove to be the undoing of the company.

Most sensationally, Bagwell also reveals he essentially forfeited a $120,000 payday to join WWE immediately after Vince McMahon purchased World Championship Wrestling.

Bagwell also talks in depth about the seizure and car accident that nearly took his life.


  • CC

    he did join WWE, but they then let him go. he had a match against Booker T if memory serves me right, which ended with WWE guys jumping them and Buff joined in with them beating down Booker. May have my facts slightly wrong though.

  • Ratero

    WWE didn’t want him after they purchased WCW.

  • d_pooch

    Why didn’t Bagwell join WWE? ( I don’t want to listen to the audio ).

  • Jessica Rodriguez

    Watched this last night and was shocked by how much Buff was rambling. Hope everything is okay with him.