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Bull Buchanan On Returning To WWE Raw Recently, Teaming With Big Bossman

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) and Jimmy Korderas (@jimmykorderas) of #AftermathRadio on and iTunes chat with former WWE superstar Bull Buchanan. Highlights:

His wrestling school “B2 Wrestling School; what his thoughts are on the next generation superstars in professional wrestling today and getting trained in wrestling the right way: “There’s just a lack of places for guys to go, If you can find someone to train you, you go right to the big show which is WWE. There’s lots of indy promotions out there, but there’s a big difference doing this part time and making a big living doing this. Cause when you’re living your lives on this, you’re living a little more pro-active. And you realize you’re only getting paid is if you’re putting the people in the seats”.

What led to his return to Monday Night Raw on November 14, 2011 on the segment “This is your life” with Mick Foley and John Cena. How did he get contacted about making that appearance: “Johnny called me and said they had an idea and asked if I was available , and I said shoot yea, so they flew me up to Boston. It was alot of fun, cause I got to meet some of the guys that I haven’t got a chance to meet. I got to hang out with some my buddies, Big Show, The Armstrongs, Teddy Long, Mark Henry. It was alot of fun man, alot of fun”

Sharing stories about teaming with The Big Bossman (Ray Traylor), and also taking about what was it like working and traveling with Ray Traylor: “Ray was one of the greatest guys I’ve ever met. He really got me straight with the money, He’d really showed me alot in the ring, and really showed me alot of the stuff outside the ring. Traveling with him was a blast, but at times it would be a rollercoaster (laughs).”

Is there any plans for him to write a book in the future about his career in professional wrestling: “I don’t know, Ive seen alot of guys do that. I really don’t know if I got anything to say that anyone would actually pay to hear (laughs). To me, some of the best stuff never gets told.”

The full podcast is available here.

  • theMark

    ^^ dont worry we’ll see Bossman vs Fat Hardy soon enough…..hopefully

  • venom

    Yea, we never got to see Big Bossman vs Fatt Hardy in jail.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Guess what?———————-

    I actually found thid story somewhat interesting. Damn I wish Big Bossman was still alive and wrestling!