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BULLET KLIQ – The Start Of A Revolution In Australian Professional Wresting



It is common for many of the talented professional wrestlers in Australia to travel the country and wrestle in different promotions. It is also common for a group of these wrestlers to join forces in teams and factions. But it is rare for a wrestler, team or faction to make an immediate and instant impact cross the country.

Recently a new team has started to make this impact, creating controversy and interest even before they made their debut at Venom Pro Wrestling. Wayne “The Maniac” Mattei and The Giant Kyote are the faces behind the Bullet Kliq, a new team determined to run roughshod all over Australia. Not only do they want to dominate everyone they face in the ring, they also aim to be the very first team to dominate professional wrestling nationwide. They do not care who you are, what championship you hold or who you have beaten, their goal is to destroy whoever is in front of them, whichever wrestling ring they are in.


Thriving on the controversy behind their name, the Bullet Kliq arrived to dominate professional wrestling, and in doing so may just be the catalyst to change the current culture of professional wrestling throughout Australia. Already they have a successful Facebook page and their promo clip has already received over 1.5 thousand views. (see link below for promo video)



Currently there are over 30 different wrestling promotions throughout Australia, and while many wrestlers do travel across different promotions and states, the Bullet Kliq have become the first to be chased and sort after by a variety of promotions even after only one match, and a very successful promotion campaign. The power and presence they made at Venom Pro Wrestling would be felt at any promotion nationwide, which is one of the many goals these two powerhouses hope to achieve.


A recent interview has helped explain just who the Bullet Kliq is:


  1. Who are the Bullet Kliq?

We are several workers and associated support staff.

But if you mean within Australian wrestling- We are the newest, tight, cohesive unit of “Don’t Give A Crap” wrestlers, who are ready to do whatever we want and give Australian wrestling what it’s been missing for a while. We deliver excitement and a brand fans can enjoy, love or hate, follow and feel a part of.


  1. What is your goal

Our goal was to create controversy right from the beginning, which was easier than we thought! Getting the Aussie wrestling community’s undies in a bunch was surprisingly easy.

BULLET KLIQ have already been booked in QLD, NSW, VIC and WA and SA are also interested.

Look, if international interest is there we will be happy to discuss. We have also received a lot of positive international feedback on our hype video.

We have already gained huge exposure within the media, online, newspapers and television. This means our marketing and promotion is working and our merchandise is selling like crazy.


  1. Why did you feel the need to form?

We were sitting in our war room, lamenting the lack of heavy hitters in Aussie wrestling and the fact there is nobody who is nation wide. Then there was a moment of clarity where we realised WE are already the heavy hitters and WE already travel the country, so let’s take over!

We all love the days of the NWO, DX, and the current Bullet Club gimmick in NJPW, and also what the WWE are teasing right now. So why not create something like that here for the fans to be a part of and get behind.


  1. Response to criticism of ripping off The Bullet Club and The Kliq?

Look, we wanted controversy straight off the bat to get people talking. As the old saying goes, any publicity is good publicity. So that’s the direction we took, and you know what…it F#%KING worked!

(some typical responses to the first promo from the Bullet Kliq)

Dann Lennard And why aren’t you plugging MY new faction, The Bullet Cuntz? We’re heaps more original and I’m the leader, from here on to be known as “Fatt Balor”,

May 5 at 5:40pm


Amy McKenna Is this a real thing? Please tell me it’s not a real thing.

May 5 at 4:20pm


Paul Jones People who really wanted to be a Bullet Club knock off

May 5 at 9:26am


Dann Lennard Unoriginal? Pathetic? Sad? Lame? Take your pick, Wrestle Hustle – Australia’s Wrestling Site.

May 5 at 5:37pm


“The only real criticism we received was from other Australian wrestlers. There is however a lot who have changed their opinion, and become supporters now. For the ones who still are unsupportive, look where they are and then look where we are.”

We have freely admitted we are a Rip Off of a Rip Off of a Rip Off and we don’t give a F#%K. We have NEVER claimed to be original.

We don’t care if you don’t like the name or the idea, or even us personally. The fans love it nation wide / world wide, we have posted a promo hype video that within days (more like hours) of its release has received over 1.5k views, and we have been inundated with requests for merchandise and T shirts.

So as for us having to respond to the “criticism”…I think the product and the fans speak loud enough. We don’t acknowledge or justify the small minority of people with their criticism, but be advised- you attack our brand or product in anyway we will stand up for it 100%.


Thanks for spending the time and interest on us. We would like to say a huge thank you to our fans, as you guys are what it’s all about!




The Bullet Kliq is the body slam that professional wrestling in Australia needs. In a wrestling culture where many promotions are just localised, stateside or promotion only based, a powerful, dominate and charismatic group that can unite wrestling fans across the country can only benefit and improve the product in Australia. We can only hope this is the start and we can soon see other wrestlers, teams and factions dominate wrestling rings throughout Australia.


So if you are in Queensland, Victoria and NSW, look out at your next wrestling event, it may just be the next promotion in line to be hit by a Bullet….

upcoming events to see The Bullet Kliq


Hooroo and see you next time

Craig Higham