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Bully Ray Asks Fans Whether He Should Stay In TNA, Angelina Love To Speak Out, Sarita

– According to, Bully Ray’s contract with TNA Wrestling will expire in three weeks and negotiations for a new deal have been tense. Ray appeared to address his immediate future with the organization via Twitter with a survey: “Shakespear time kids. “To stay or not to stay, that is the question”. Lets hear YOUR opinion. #BULLYNATION.”

He then wrote, “WOW! Helluva response. Looks 50/50. Let the “boss lady” know how ya feel. Light up her #TwittahMachine like a flamin table. #BULLYNATION.”

– Angelina Love, who has remained mum on the details behind her departure from TNA Wrestling last month, will “break her silence” on August 20 in an interview with

РDark Angel (a/k/a Sarita) will compete at Arena M̩xico in Mexico City, Mexico on Friday as she teams with Goya Kong and Luna Magica to take on Lady Apache, Princesa Blanca and Princesa Sugheit. It will be her final match in Mexico before she heads to Japan next week for a two-month tour of joshi promotion STARDOM.

  • vitaniemi

    You should defenately go back to the WWE you have a chance to make a new start TNA never gave you a chance to go for The world title come on they should have at least given you a shot at the Televison Or Xdivison Championship

  • ant

    SYM=Joke Account

  • Robinson

    @sym Im saying they should go back to wwe to help rebuold the tag divisoon dbag. The dudlez and nao could really help the new teams out and carry them. It would kick start the tag division again. and who cares about age in this business? I dont hate tna, but tna has there head in there shoulders BC they give mud carders and tag division TV time and storylines so IMO tna has a better product then wwe.

  • Tyler(:


    Don’t worry about SYM, he’s contradicting himself as not long ago, he was “hating” on TNA.

  • grizz

    I would love to see Bully Ray just disappear altoghter.

  • Bawb


    Sorry to burst your stupid condescending bubble, but I don’t hate TNA. Lawler doesn’t fight every week only sporadically for story purposes, and Taker appears like once to twice a year. Do you even watch WWE? As for Kane, he’s been there forever and can still manage. The guys you all mentioned have consistently stayed with WWE (sans Lawlers small hiatus in 2001) so it’s not like they’d be gone and then come back to restart their WWE careers in their 40s.

    Do you see Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, X-Pac, Vader, DDP, etc. all coming back to fight in major story lines every week? Obviously not. They’re there for appearances because they’re on good terms or small contracts with WWE, doing something in some sort of capacity.

  • Chris E.

    No way Bully Ray is going to get the same prominent position in WWE that he has right now. Would be cool to see him against Punk but I think he should stay in TNA.

  • SYM

    @Bawb WWE Books Jerry Lawler and Undertaker who are both above 40. Hell Kane Wrestles every night and hes close to 50. Age isn’t your problem you just hate TNA.

  • Bawb

    Go to WWE. They’d barely have to wrestle. The problem with TNA is that they actually book these over 40 legends when they’ve already done it all and don’t need to go through the grueling workload. Yes, they may still have it in them, but I wonder if part of the contract negotiations (and issues we’ve been hearing about) involve compensation specifically for what they do in their stage of the business and age. If they go to WWE, sure they will travel more. But I doubt they’d have to work in such a grueling capacity (look at Road Dogg and his Are You Serious or X Pac with his FCW duties). Plus, they can still probably get some sort of valuable TV time.

  • Tyler(:

    Isn’t it funny how there’s always a WWE remark on a TNA article.

    TNA has handled their split up well, and now they’re both established singles wrestlers, they should stay at TNA where it’s working out for them.

  • Ricardo

    SYM: that’s exactly it. IWC hypocrisy at its best. The same people who bitch and moan because WWE doesn’t “create new stars” go crazy with nostalgia. Reinventing the tag team division with the… 40+ years old New Age Outlaws?!

  • SYM

    What is with the “Bring back the Outlaws” talk. Get Over it they are perfectly fine retired. Same with Team 3D, what do they have to accomplish in WWE? Atleast in TNA they are reinventing themselves as singles Wrestlers. Bully will eventually become the TNA Champ, and Reverend D-Von is the TV Champ. Enough with the WWE Talk, its your solution for every Wrestler leaving TNA. But when a Wrestler leaves WWE you all hate the thought of TNA. Fickle ass people.

  • lazlo woodbine

    It’d be cool to see them back in WWE, but that’s just nostalgia talking I think. The reality is that in WWE I wouldn’t get to see Bully/Bubba totally rule on the mic every week. Or D-Von stiffing whoever he has to defend his title against.

  • ant

    i would have Abyss come and take him out by slamming him through 12 tables lit on fire and scattered with barbed wire thumbtacks

  • Bawb

    First off, change the GM to a heel, maybe a powerful male Legend who’s good on the mic as an authority figure. Then have a “bodyguard” crew assemble behind him. I would love to see the Dudley Boyz come out of the crowd and give whoever is heckling that GM a 3D.

  • rko

    Neither. I could care less about bully ray. Does bully ray even sell as a heel?

  • Bobobobobo

    I know it would never happen in a million years. But wouldn’t it be a cool storyline if Bubba and D-Von returned to the WWE and one became the Raw GM and the other on Smackdown

  • yo its me its me its joe-y d.

    @robinson….good theory….sadly just wont happen

  • Robinson

    Im gonna have to say go back to the wwe and bring back the new age outlaws and restart the tag division imo

  • scooter

    STAY! Best pure heel in wrestling right now.