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Bully Ray on why he chose ROH over GFW, his advice for CM Punk

Bully Ray might be better known as Bubba Ray Dudley to some WWE loyalists but right now he is anything but loyal to WWE. In fact, during a recent interview with Metro, he discussed why he is not with Ring Of Honor.

The former Dudley Boy was faced with a decision when he left WWE. He could have gone back to TNA (now known as GFW) but he made a decision to go a different route with his career. He explained his decision in detail during the interview when he said:

“TNA came at me with a massive financial offer to be a part of their company and bring me back as Bully Ray. They came after me extremely aggressively and at the end of the day, I said no for two reasons.I knew that I would never be able to go back to TNA and top what I did as Bully Ray with the Aces and Eights because they didn’t have the guys there for me to do it with. There’s not another Hulk Hogan for me to tell a story with, or another Jeff Hardy or AJ Styles for me to have those matches with. So I couldn’t go back there and top what I did. Secondly, ROH is always a company I’ve known and respected, and I knew that Bully Ray would fit in a company like ROH. They were businessmen that I thought I’d get along with, and I am getting along with very well. There’s no doubt that Bully Ray was one of the top attractions in the history of TNA, and I’m proud of my body of work there. But if I can’t top what I’ve done in the past, I have no reason to go back.”

He also had some pretty good advice to CM Punk while he was at it.

“CM Punk could do more for the wrestling world by coming back home to ROH than going back to WWE. Because what is there for him to do at WWE? There’s really not much left, and he’s going to have to do it their way. So if he needs for his ego to work the last match at Wrestlemania, then great, but I think he’s worth so much more to the wrestling world by breathing life into the business by going back to a company like ROH. If he shows up in ROH, the entire wrestling world will be buzzing about in a positive way. If he goes back to WWE, yeah people will be talking about it, but it’s also like, hey you said you were never going back, but now you’re back.”

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    He discussed why he is NOT with RoH?