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Bully Ray Being Considered For World Title Run, Sarita Dealing With Personal Issue

— TNA Wrestling’s creative department has contemplated making Bully Ray the World Heavyweight Champion as they feel he is the best heel in the professional wrestling industry today.

— Sarita stated on Facebook that she missed Tuesday evening’s CMLL show at Arena México due to an emergency requiring her to visit her native country (Canada, which she does not mention). The TNA Knockout issued an apology and promised to return to action soon.

— TNA Wrestling Senior Vice President of Programming and Talent Relations Bruce Prichard missed last week’s set of Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando, Florida. He recently suffered a pair of ‘small’ heart attacks, causing him to miss the prior set of tapings.

— The official Twitter feed of Impact Wrestling announced Wednesday that first and third row tickets have been made available for Sunday’s Lockdown pay-per-view event at Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee via

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • OrkyBoy

    If anyone of you guys watched TNA and saw Bully I think you would be surprised at his work. Tune in and give him a watch and see what you think.

    I’ve never been a fan of his but I have been impressed with his attitude and effort lately. He is one of only a few wrestlers that have grabbed the ball and ran with it.

    As long as it is a short reign and it is used to elevate a younger star then I think he is worth a shot.

  • Ant

    i think they meant tna when they said wrestling business

  • adam

    Ok bubba would be intresting as a champ as long as they didnt give him the title for to long. LIke many others have said the reason they view him as there top heel is because they keep jumping people back and fourth heel and face so its kind of like wtf is going on. As for him being the top heel in the buisness. I dont think so that honor goes to either Jericho even though he isnt on the show every week. Or i would even say even though she doesnt wrestle vickie guerrero gets more of a reation them bubba does at times.

  • Greg

    Well if bully wants to be champ he has to ask the boss of tna. Hey Jason are you guna give bully a title run?

  • Ant

    i say give RVD back the title and have him feud with aj styles in a competive rivalry for the title

  • Dave

    I think he would be a credible champion. And the fans hate him, so they would be queuing up to see him lose it. Which is one of the main points of a heel champion.

  • Nicholas

    I laugh at this story. I mean come on you really believe a Bully Ray World title run is going to help TNA what so every you are really high. The need to stop pushing the old Wwe guys because it is not going to help TNA. Not getting me to watch that is for sure. Get me to laugh because Bully Ray being World Champion would be a joke.

  • Whocares

    He has definitely been working his ass off recently. If anyone deserves it, it’s him. But I kind of agree with eves nip. At this point in hi career, he should mostly be used to put over newer younger talent.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Please no, Ray may be a great heel but hes not somebody you want representing the company. Just give him a lengthy run with the TV title and use him to elevate young talent. Vince would be laughing his ass off if he saw Bubba as a World Champion.

  • Tyler(:

    ‘so he can prove that he is the Shawn Michaels of the Dudley Boyz’ how is GIVING someone a title, proving their worth?

  • CAYK


    So D-Von is the Triple H?

  • Jon-Jon

    If there’s one guy that has legit gone out there and GOT every bit of momentum he has going for him, it’s Bully Ray. We’ve seen people try and branch of from their long-time tag teams, only to fail miserably. The Road Warriors, Jim Neidhart, WGTT, Marty Janetty, etc. It’s great to see someone actually prove that they can do it in both tag team and singles competition again. It’s been years since we’ve seen someone like this. Beer Money may be the only other guys that I can recall doing that recently, but Bully comes from a different time, and it’s great to see him reaching his full potential. Hell, I’mm all for it. I hated him at first, but he made me a believer by getting his ass in shape and being original. Calf-Zilla for CHAMP.

  • Rock/Austin/Trish/FTW

    Bully Ray is the best heel in the business today, give him the title, so he can prove that he is the Shawn Michaels of the Dudley Boyz !

  • Chris E.

    TNA would have more great heels if they could keep some of these guys in character for more than 5 minutes before changing back and forth from heel to face and back again.

  • Damien Phoenix

    I would like to see a Bully Ray run actually.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Speaking of Buh Bub Ray.. Him and D-Von server to be in the HOF!