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Bully Ray Re-Signs with TNA, Backstage Talk on Devon

– PWInsider confirms that Bully Ray has signed a new contract with TNA. He re-signed 3-4 days ago and word is that it’s for two years. Ray will continue to wrestle for TNA and work as a backstage agent.

This is the first time in years that Ray and Devon won’t be working together in a promotion. They will continue to work together at their Team 3D Academy in Florida. There was talk at Thursday’s Impact that TNA “didn’t do right by Devon” because he got himself into better shape and did everything asked, including working with younger talents like Garett Bischoff. Some people in TNA were shocked that the company did not re-sign Devon because he was one of the most well liked.

Source: PWInsider

  • Little Jimmy

    Even though I’m a WWE guy, I think Bully Ray did the right thing Re-signing with TNA as he will carry on being one of TNA’s top star’s even a possible TNA title run may happen. Devon however I think he is heading back to WWE as a Road Agent\Trainer as I can’t see WWE using him in the ring without Bubba. He Might even get his son’s Development Deals as part of the agreement.

  • shelton

    they better get thier shit togother and sign devon

  • rko


    No, it’s because he’s boring.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Even if The Dudley’s went back, One team doesn’t make a division. What would they do? Job to the Prime Time Players?

  • KingAlbert

    Blubha just working for some social security and some burger money.

    not beer money.

  • Coosta Malooka

    Its because he’s Black. Fuk racism

  • D2K

    Erm, WWE has a tag team division?

  • poko

    Devon is very good in the context of a tag team. I don’t think that can be taken away from him. However, to be a singles performer, you have to have a compelling, self-sustaining character, and Devon did not have that. His character, as a face, feels kind of flat and generic, and he did only a passable job with the “acting” spots they had for him initially. Anyone saying that TNA didn’t do right by him is being foolish. They gave him a push, they gave him a belt, they put him in an on-going storyline, and had him on TV every week. It just didn’t work out in any meaningful way. That a promotion should keep a guy on because he got himself in shape and worked with younger talent is asinine–that’s what performers are SUPPOSED TO DO ANYWAY.

    Bully Ray, on the other hand, has been excellent for TNA, and it would have hurt their product to lose him. He’s one of those guys who can lose every match, put other guys over left and right, and STILL come across as a bad-ass, top-level heel. That’s special.

  • The Showoff

    Well why would Ray leave? He’s getting a well deserved push in TNA. Devon on the other hand is pretty lame. I can’t get into his matches. The Marty Janetty of the team I think so.

  • nikki

    good now all the wwe fanboys can stfu lol

  • Jeff Miles

    As single wrestlers, I feel Devon simply wasn’t interesting enough. I hit the FF button when he came out. But Bully Ray is fun, interesting, and his persona is great “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM” is hysterical…”

  • JohnM

    Would have been nice to see bully on a show that matters.

  • Best In The World

    Bubba shoulda went back to wwe they wouldve made the tag team division so much better

  • Bill

    God dammit. I wanted to see the Dudleys back in WWE. Well, Bully Ray IS getting a good singles push, so I could see why he’d want to stay.

  • TheSheepDog

    Soo yofits, is TnA now racist for not utilising Devon? lol