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Bully Ray Talks About Reinventing Himself, Return to WWE, Devon Leaving, and More

Bully Ray recently spoke with The Phoenix New Times. Here are some highlights.

How he reinvented himself in TNA: “Well, you have to reinvent yourself in this business. I was part of the most successful tag team in the history of pro wrestling, other than the Road Warriors, for 15 years. Twenty-three major world tag team titles and I’ve done just about everything you could possibly do as a tag team on the planet.”

Re-signing with TNA: “My business negotiations with TNA is my business and my business only. The only thing that you need to do is watch me on TV and pay-per-view.”

Devon leaving TNA: “I really could not care less about Devon. I haven’t cared about Devon in almost two years. If Devon didn’t let Chris Sabin kick out of the 3-D, I would’ve never blasted him in the back of the head and turned on him. Devon is not my concern. I have one business interest in Devon outside of TNA and that is [our] professional wrestling school, the Team 3-D Academy. Other than that, I really don’t care about him.

(When asked to comment on Devon’s departure in a non-kayfabe way) “I don’t understand. Non kay…what?… I’m giving you my legit answer. I…really…don’t…care. Whatever he does with his time, and whatever he wants to do is fine. We have one business interest that is extremely successful, so we choose to continue with that successful business interest, which is our wrestling academy. Other than him deciding not to sign, his business. He doesn’t want to be with TNA, his business. Whatever he decides to do with his life, his business.”

If he would return to WWE: “Pro wrestling is a business just like any other business, and you always go where the best opportunities and the best money is. So whenever it comes time to negotiate, I always leave myself open to make whatever the best decision is in my world, in my best interest. Sticking with TNA right now was in my best interest. When my contract is up with TNA, you never know. I might retire, I could end up with another company. You never know where you’re going to end up and you never know if a company’s gonna still want you around. So you always leave things open-ended. It’s a smart move.”

  • xXx

    lol wwe wont even try to re-sign him..

  • eric

    noone really draws money in tna. they can put asses in seats. any arenas that tna goes to when they do once an while go on road. half seats are empty. just as jbl said on honkey radio show. which u can listen to on youtube. where jbl says russo should be fired. it is from late last yr 2011. where he says he doesn’t know why tna can’t fill seats. If bully or ray was in wwe he would be with tag team. When wwe had ray go in singles for short while in 2002. he was mid card talent. who was hardcore champion. who jobbed to lesnar. vince and wwe never sawe ray as main event guy. For people who would pay money to see in main events. he is mid card guy at best. that what he was in wwe. he is not main event guy. Plus noone really draw money in tna. name of game is put asses in seats draw eyes to tv’s. ratings and asses in seats. ray is not main eventer. his best days were when he was with dvon as dudley boyz in ecw, wwf-E tna can’t draw money. that why u see guys who never were in main events. guys who never were able to draw money in wwe as main eventers in tna. ex bubba, matt morgan, mr anderson/kennedy, etc

  • Sl

    Ray is actually a really decent guy. I met him in the airport once when I was is Norfolk. He was one of a handful of wrestlers who took time to chat with me & he spent more time then any other. Very nice guy.

  • cc

    @Ricardo, its still real to you isnt it you fucking moron.
    If you dont think wrestlers compare to actors, then you must really think that Kane is a demon who wears a mask all the time. You twat.

  • Ricardo

    So Bully is a douche for staying in character for interviews. Yet when Punk does it, the IWC calls it “professionalism”. And if we want to compare wrestlers to film actors, I guess Sasha Baron Cohen is a douche as well. Damn, this lower-case cc spews out even more BS than the upper-case CC.

  • Dave

    JBL was always the best at staying in character when away from WWE programming.

  • Shawn

    If it hadn’t been for that frivolous TNA lawsuit, Ray would be back in WWE by now.

  • Sam Peters

    was great that Bully stayed in character for the whole time, kinda takes it back to old school when WWE(f) did not want their superstars to break kayfabe, it adds to the character to make people like CC hating on him which is exactly what he wants to happen

  • luckysalt

    I disagree, Bully is Bully 24/7 and it helps make him to be how good he is, Punk does the same. It should be this way.

    It adds the the character you cant compare a film role with a year round wrestling character

  • cc

    Really does come across as a douche. Either he means it all, and his comments show him up to be a douche. Or the fact that he wont break kayfabe for an interview is actually pretty douche worthy as well.
    A news paper/site doesnt want to interview a character, they want to interview the person behind the character.
    You dont hear Christian Bale being interviewed and pretending to be Batman.