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Burning Questions III: Past And Present

Welcome to our THIRD edition of Burning Questions! If you have any questions that you’d like to see discussed in our next column, feel free to private message them to me on facebook or email me:

I’m joined once again by my crew of Lightning and Jee-S! Enjoy!

Is Cody Rhodes being held back because of his last name? If not his last name, what do you think the reason might be? (50 words or less)

Jee-S: I don’t think Cody’s last name is holding him back. I think the only thing holding him back is the fact that the higher ranks of the WWE have many decisions to make about their future and can’t push every single one of their promising stars at the same time.

ML: I believe his last name probably has factor in the reasoning for some of his shortcomings. But with Dusty’s role in NXT, I question if his last name is the reason. I think a majority of him being held back is because he struggles to connect with the fans.

JT: I believe so. His push in late 2011 all but disappeared, and literally no explanation was given. Dusty Rhodes was a star in the NWA and WWE treated him like a joke, and the same goes for the Goldust gimmick. It’s simply a curse that Cody was born a Rhodes.

What do you consider to be the one KEY reason for Kofi Kingston not yet winning a World Title?(25 words or less)

Jee-S: His inability to draw and the fact that he’s had the same gimmick since debuting are the two reasons Kofi hasn’t won a World Title.

ML: His ability to connect with a majority of the fans with his mic skills. He has in-ring charisma, but his lack of verbal ability hinders him.

JT: Roster depth. I would’ve said promo ability, but roster depth and the rest of the talent being pushed are the real reasons that Kofi never got pushed to the top thus far. Sometimes it’s just a matter of timing when it comes to making it to the next level.

Keep Randy Orton as a face or let him be a heel? What about Mark Henry? (50 words or less)

Jee-S: Definitely turn Orton heel. That’s the role he’s best in and he desperately needs a character shift to remain relevant. As for Mark Henry, I think he’s great to watch as a babyface or as a heel. Both work for me.

ML: Orton needs to be heel, in my opinion. His face run is stale and boring. Mark Henry is unique. He can get over both as a face or heel because of his personality.

JT: Let Orton be a heel. He cuts better promos. Why take his best skills by having him stay a fan favorite? With Henry, it’s time for a face run. He’s been the heel that chased the gold and he’s had success. It’s time for Henry to end his career as a fan favorite.

Who is the greatest manager of all time and why?(100 words or less)

Jee-S: At the risk of being unoriginal, I’m one of those who think that Paul Heyman is the greatest manager of all time. He is the only manager that really makes me want to focus on my TV just so I can listen to what he has to say. He’s captivating. Paul Heyman is one of the best talkers in history, wrestlers included; he has had memorable moments with quality clients and the most impressive thing about Paul Heyman is that we still see him on TV every week as if he had just started.

ML: Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. Heenan was one of the biggest, and greatest heels of all-time. Heenan’s ability to generate heat and get people to despise him was uncanny. Whether he was on commentary or managing the likes of Mr. Perfect or Andre The Giant, Heenan was also one of the most hated performers in WWF/E history. Heenan was capable of getting people who didn’t have excellent mic skills(Andre The Giant) major heat. He also was able to keep guys like Mr. Perfect, who fans wanted to cheer for, to maintain the heat from fans by cutting promos and “speaking” for his wrestler. Heenan is one the best and greatest heels in WWF/E history, period.

JT: Jimmy Hart. The mouth of the south has managed an insane amount of talent, and he’s always been relevant. Some word argue Bobby Heenan, but he doesn’t compare to Hart in my eyes. Hart has outlasted them all and has always found a way to be successful. Name another manager that has found their way through all of the companies the way Hart has, including TNA, and managed to keep themselves interesting. Ted Dibiase with the introductions of the Undertaker and the Ringmaster to WWE comes to mind, but he didn’t stay with them through their success. I vote Hart!

How long(if ever) before Ricardo Rodriguez betrays Alberto Del Rio and how should it be booked?(25 words or less)

Jee-S: I like Ricardo in his current role; I don’t think he’ll betray Del Rio. Ever. I don’t see Rodriguez being relevant as anything else.

ML: I don’t think he’ll betray Del Rio; I think he’ll get involved in his own storyline and eventually separate from Del Rio.

JT: Give it a few years. WWE will be eager for it, especially with how it worked with Paul Bearer. He’ll eliminate ADR in a Royal Rumble.

Do you think the WWE app voting results rigged? (1 word)

Jee-S: Sometimes

ML: yes

JT: Sometimes

Based on what’s happening RIGHT NOW, predict the next WWE and World Champion(5 words or less)

Jee-S: Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler

ML: Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler

JT: Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler

I kept these questions short and simple so we could fit a lot more of them this time around. You can see where we obviously agree on some things, but you can also see where we disagree. What do you think? Make sure you leave us some feedback below!

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    I think that Daniel Bryan will be WWE Champion at Summerslam but lose it to Orton(and know thats not because i read it ive been a fan of wrestling for years I just know how these things play out) as for Damien Sandown i predict he cashes in his briefcase in about 3 months he should milk being mitb winner not like Orton who dosent have to do that, I also personally predict Dolph Ziggler to walk into Wrestlemania as World Champion and Daniel Bryan to face CM punk for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania ,as a fan of of ROH I would love that and i also would love Sheamus to get back in the world title picture and potentialy face Ziggler at Wrestlemania