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Buzz In Developmental, Backstage News on RAW Love Angles, More

– The main roster debuts of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns has created a lot of buzz in WWE developmental. Many are wondering if the “invasion” angle will continue and if so, who else will be brought up.

– WWE officials remain high on NXT Diva Paige with the feeling that she’s ready to go. No word yet if she will be called up anytime soon.

– It’s said the current RAW storylines with AJ Lee & John Cena and Rosa Mendes & Alberto Del Rio are being done to cater to female viewers as part of WWE’s new initiative to reach out to that demographic.

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  • Cyndi

    ill say its kinda great that the divas that are left which are 6 or 7 have their roles

    AJ is the lovesick puppy
    Kaitlyn and Layla and Aksana are competing more
    Noami for some reason is a Clay dancer
    fuck cameron lynn lol
    alicia and Natalya are the jobbers
    Tamina is playing a “Bodygaurd”
    Rosa is…. well being Rosa


    i know those who disliked my comments are women with flat chest zero brest

  • hf part two

    i love paige’s breasts.

  • poko

    Imagine that, a Diva with previous wrestling training and experience being ready for the main roster. Crazy stuff.


    still a better love story than twilight!!!!!

  • DaveyH

    I suppose it depends why certain people get called up. If they rush talent through for the benefit of the angle that would be a a bad idea and hurt the product in the long run. But guys that are ready for the main roster that could have otherwise faded into obscurity, it could be good to get them in the spotlight

  • Jeff

    No don’t do that WWE. Don’t bring up a bunch of guys. Bring up K.O. if you want but don’t hurt NXT by taking all of their talent and don’t hurt your mid card guys by taking away their spots. Frankly i’d rather watch the higher mid card guys like Santino, Sandow and Kofi compared to having to get a bunch of green guys in.

  • Sam Peters

    does this mean after the Cena vs Ziggler match at TLC that we gunna get a fued between Cena and Del Rio?