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Cage Matches with Stipulations Planned for WWE’s No Way Out Pay-Per-View

– As noted before, WWE will be bringing back the No Way Out pay-per-view this year on June 17th from East Rutherford, New Jersey. The new No Way Out DVD synopsis indicates a format change for the event.

Rumors a few months back were that No Way Out would feature more cage matches, similar to TNA’s Lockdown pay-per-view. The synopsis below indicates cage matches with various stipulations. Here’s the DVD synopsis:

“After a three year hiatus, WWE No Way Out is back and recharged! The annual pay-per-view that became notorious for its brutal, main event Steel Cage Matches gets reincarnated, but this time the Superstars of WWE will take the thematic event a step further, as they find new and innovative ways to prevent opponents from escaping. All stipulations in place, which may include Lumberjack, Strap, Chain, Steel Cage, Handcuff Matches or more will ensure no respite from the chaos inside the ring.”

  • Batesy Boy

    it is basically extreme rules ppv x 2 this year then?

  • Ant

    @jason…yeah but u gotta understand how long the WWE has been around i mean of course they are gonna have some stupid gimmicks i mean alot of people might argue that Kanes gimmick is stupid but id rather watch kane than robbie e or suicide and no offense dude but what r u smokin black reign went nowhere and so did rellik i mean i like relliks theme music and his gimmick at first then they just made him look weak after a few months like i was wtf i honestly believed rellik could have been the boogeyman of TNA but of course tna messed that up as usual

  • Jason

    Black Rain and Relik where great character. Those where Paul Heyman Ideas, even Jimbo said that. lol

    I agree with you on the rest though, those gimmicks sucked. It’s just WWE has more of a track record with dumb gimmicks.

    Remember the Trash Can man or the Red Rooster characters? Worst wrestling characters ever imo. Pure shit

  • Ant

    @jason…hmmm lets name some stupid tna gimmicks shall we,robbie e,suicide,black reign,rellik,jethro holiday,cute kip,orlando jordan aka fruitcake of the century,brian kendrick as the ancient buddha(i liked him more when he was The Brian Kendrick in WWE),judas mesias(absolutely pointless and went nowhere storyline wise) and thats just a few i can think of so dont get me started on TNAs lame ass gimmicks

  • Jason

    Tom the dif is we did that and stopped it after six weeks, because we saw that it sucked. WWE has been doing that gimmick for months now and shows no sign of stopping it.

    To top it off that was one star with us but WWE has tons of stars that they give retarded gimmicks to.

  • Tom

    Jason I’m still smarting at the whole Orlando Jordan falling from the ceiling bisexual angle crap. What was that?

    I hate the natalya thing too, but I don’t think you have much grounds to claim better gimmicks.

  • Dinkleberg

    How about an over the top rope cage match? Wigga.

  • Jason

    Sepulz that might be because in 2006 I was not working for TNA wrestling. I was running Booker’T’s PWA promotion in Houston Texas at that time.

  • Angry benny

    You really did yourself a hole everytime you speak about TNA you kill its name with every post, I enjoy your spirit for liking a second rate wrestling show that wants to play with the big boys, but your bantering pushes your cause back because you don’t know how to argue, you just want to make a name for yourself on a wrestling site, and thats fine, its just that you make it easy for everyone to make you look stupid, by the way, I FUCKED YOUR MUM

  • Steve

    So many of you guys, especially Marc “I’m a jurnolest” Middleton, fail so hard at reading comprehension.

  • Helen

    Jason is my hero. Leave him alone JohnCena33 or I’ll make you smell Nancy Benoit fishy pussy

  • JohnCena33

    YOU ARE A IMPOSTER. How many jasons now,
    Jason X
    Jasons 1 inch cock
    Jason 2.0
    Jason (not that Jason)

  • sepulz

    I like how when Jason talks about TNA doing good things its “we” but when he talks about them fucking up Joes angle its “they”

  • Jason

    I do agree, in 2006 they did fuck up the joe angle big time imo.

  • Rock/Austin/Trish/FTW

    Joe did a shoot(2006), won the Title, and the company completely fucked up his title reign.

    Punk did a shoot won the Title, and the company completely fucked up his title reign.

    I guess WWE did copy TNA lol

  • Bill

    No Way Out 2012 = WWE Lockdown

  • Jason

    I could have sworn both angles started in 2006. TNA in May of 06 with the whole Joe vs. the world angle and ranting on Nash and Hall. Which lead to the screw jobs and cell phone angles. I don’t remember the cell phone angle being used in the ROH sumemr of Punk angle like it was in TNA and then again five years later for the WWE.

  • Knightcon

    Jason you are right about the lockdown thing but Tna has used old WWE ECW and WCW storylines as has the WWE. You make a good point about how Tna is building its stars. But the summer of punk idea didn’t start in Tna. That actually his punks old story line from ROH years ago

  • Best In The World

    yea there pushing those guys but what about AJ Styles RVD Daniels mr.Anderson but no there pushing Garrett Bischoff ? wow and why does eric young have a womens tag title like seriously TNA is Garbage

  • Jason

    TNA Lockdown always have cages with gimmicks added on to the matches. What WWE are planing on doing with no way out is the same damn thing we did with Lockdown 7 years ago.

    Yeah you call having santino and diva’s farting backstage entertaining. Must be a WWE fan thing

    We don’t know how to push talent you say?

    Why is Bobby Roode and James Storm two of the most popular wrestlers in the world today then?

    Why is Austin Aries and Bully Ray super over at the moment? (Bully Ray getting a great push unlike his WWE tag team days)

    Why is Gail KIm the most talked about female worker on the planet at the moment vs. when she was in the WWE as a jobber?

    Fuck off WWE mark and get a degree

  • Best In The World

    @ Jason why does tna suck balls and wwe is more entertaining. tna doesn’t know how to push there stars on the roster like wwe that’s why tna will never be in the level of WWE

  • Whocares

    Shawn you can’t have all those cages hanging in the same place. And having them all in one match? Too bad fr the live audience. They wouldn’t see a thing.

  • Jason

    Why do WWE always copy us at TNA? They did for the summer of punk angle. And now again with the PPV that we made that was never done before. Fuck WWE

  • Gorilla

    Damn somebody mad at Nancy

  • Best In The World

    wwe has to drop the pg but thats asking too much

  • Helen

    Hopefully a death cage match with Nancy, Daniel and Chris Benoit. Actually too predicable we all know the outcome ;-). RIP Chris Benoit a true legend. You were plagued with a retarded gimpy kid and a two-bit whore wife with a bucket fanny. Nancy took a lot of rides in her damned life.

  • Why does everyone seem to think this has anything to do with all the stipulations being in the cage?

    Read it carefully, it indicates the cage match as just one stipulation among many possible ones along the theme of “No Way Out”.

    Look at the ones listed:
    Lumberjack: Two guys in the ring, other guys outside to stop them from leaving.
    Strap Match/Chain Match: Two guys tied together by either a leather strap, or chain, to stop them from escaping each other.
    Steel Cage: Stops someone from escaping by count out
    Handcuff Match: Not entirely familar with this one, but I’m betting it involves handcuffs being a legal weapon, used to stop one guy from getting away.

  • Shawn

    What WWE should have done is have DIFFERENT types of cage matches on the card. You know, one main even would be a standard cage match. The other would be Hell in a Cell. Then, maybe, a Punjabi Prison match. Then an elimination chamber. Of course, it would just be really cool to see all those cages suspended over the ring. Maybe the final match would be a combination of all the cages, stacked on top of each other and Oliver Platt would be at the very top! Hellz yeah!!!11 Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • LSC

    Hmmmmm……this could be intersting…Stips in a cage….I’ll be satisfied if we see blood

  • Prince

    This sounds pretty awesome to me. Hopefully some matches that we hardly ever see, or haven’t seen in a long time. Sounds like an interesting concept.

  • Gorilla

    I hope wwe lets them bleed because no blood at HIC PPV SUCKED

  • Ant

    hmmmm could be interesting we could see an inferno cage match or a barbed wire cage match or a tlc cage match or a first blood cage match the possibilities are endless i personally hope we see 4 different tag teams in one cage cuz that would be awesome