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– As noted, Hulk Hogan appeared on Huffington Post Live yesterday to promote WrestleMania XXX. Here are some highlights:

* He talked about how Triple H saw him at a Toys R Us charity event in New York City a few years ago. Triple H came up to him and asked, “When are you coming home?” Hogan didn’t think Vince McMahon wanted him back but Triple H told him that Vince wanted him home. Hogan noted that TNA public relations worker Mike Weber was standing next to him when Triple H made those comments.

* Hogan once again said “never say never” when it comes to working a match again but said he will never do a leg drop again. He talked about having fun in the ring with John Cena and The Wyatt Family last week.

* Hogan said he and The Ultimate Warrior don’t speak that much but he’s excited to see Warrior be inducted this year.

  • Jason Lentini

    Warrior: Hi Terry how are you, the kids, and Linda.
    Hogan: You should know about Linda Jim I offered her to ya brother. I’ve been busy & gotten remarried.
    Warrior: So I heard. You were Bubbas bitch I mean with Bubbas ex bitch …


  • TheFizPop

    Hogan V HHH, in a lumberjack ‘buried’ alive match, the catch is they bury the lumberjacks

  • Stumpy

    when they do, it’s pillow talk…

  • nick-hulk

    Don’t speak much? Isn’t yhat an understatement?

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