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  • Stu Pidaso

    you guys really have to move out of your moms basement and get real girl friends of you own…and jobs…and lives

  • erik

    Well hopefully justin gabriel gets tested so he doesn’t get a std.

  • rkolover

    wow what a fucking slut!! she fucks anything that walks, seriously. mike knox, andrew martin aka test, cm punk, justin gabriel, drew mcintyre..and god only knows who else.

  • TomC

    Flippin’ Lucky Bastard – Bed Her Well, Gabriel … Bed Her Well

  • Derek

    Has she become the new Sunny in banging wrestlers?

    Justin Gabriel YOU LUCKY FUCK!

  • Satan

    She is fucking hot good for Gabriel.

  • The Alex

    @Big Papa

    Hahahahahaha great post dude!

  • 2ratedrko2

    He’s in Nexus of course he going to get the hotties. She’s definately Nexus. I’d 450 splash that.

  • centerman

    Pretty much everybody thought Justin didn’t swing that way. Good for him.

  • !?

    ^^probably, I can’t remember everyone she has dated, publicly at least. The only one I really knew of was her relationship with Andrew Martin. However others have hinted that she like to uhhh… “Share the Love.”

  • Big Papa

    Does she bang every new wrestler that comes in?

    And yes this comment was made with a hint of jealousy.

  • effmenow

    I always thought Justin Gabriel was gay.
    Now he’s fuckinn the hottest girl in the WWE.

    I want to be Justin Gabriel lol