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  • erik

    @brian jeff hardy was on weed and dope on rope when he was in wwe for his over decade wwe run. so wwe had wwe wrestlers that are on drugs like batista veins poping out of his neck and arms, cena, i could go on and on. vince is not going to fired his money makers like cena, batisa (who was there for 8 years) and others.

  • mckenna

    is that dude beside shelley sabin

  • Brian

    So they smoke weed.. big deal almost everyone does.. Besides its not like they have rules like WWE 😀

  • SK

    Of course its old!
    Look its a xmas party!!!

  • Casey

    hmmm so if you look in pic 3 alex is holding a cigarette

  • Yeooyeeo

    well.. these pics are very old.

    that was shelleys hairstyle in 06/07

  • +X+CR0SS+X+

    Alex Shelley looks very weird here