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Cara and Orton Teaming Up, Update on EMLL & Cara’s Name, Alex Riley, More

– The pre-sale password for the August 29th WWE RAW return to Tulsa, Oklahoma is CHAMP. The pre-sale begins this Friday at 10am.

– Tomorrow, June 24th, Alberto Del Rio will be appearing at Best Buy in Davie, Florida beginning at 6pm.

– Randy Orton and Sin Cara vs. Christian and Cody Rhodes is being advertised for the June 29th WWE SmackDown tapings in Tucson, AZ. There will also be a special WWE Superstar appearance at Peter Piper Pizza on Broadway Blvd. from Noon to 1pm.

– Regarding EMLL patenting the name Sin Cara in Mexico, WWE could pursue it legally if they wanted to, and prove that they created the character. Other than that, it doesn’t mean much. However, this will prevent Cara from using the name in Mexico for himself once he leaves WWE.

– was at Gentle Giant Studios in Los Angeles with Alex Riley yesterday, presumably getting scanned for the new WWE ’12 video game.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Grim

    I still call WWF, WWF b/c it sounds better. It’s probably the same case with ppl who call EMLL, EMLL. Anyway…who cares everyone knows it’s the same company.

  • hakjs

    fuck fuck fuck its CMLL asshole

  • shawn

    screw whoever they are. they stole an idea of somebody else’s.

  • CC

    Calling CMLL EMLL is like still calling WWE WWF.
    EMLL changed its name to Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) back in the 80s I believe (maybe early 90s), so its pretty silly to still refer to a name it hasnt used in over 20 years.

  • really!

    He must be using the wikipedia reference that says it’ s called both

  • Goku

    Once again, I’ve actually lost count, But It’s CMLL not EMLL!!!

  • venom

    I hope this WWE 12 game will be worth the hype. Half of the roster in SVR 11 has been released. So we should see a big difference in the roster too.