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Carlito Recalls When He Had a Drunken Fist Fight with John Cena

– Carlito made an appearance on MLW’s Konnan Show and spoke for the first time about a fight that took place after hours with John Cena during his WWE run.

“I actually had a fight with Cena,” he said. “I forget where it was, but we got into a fight. A drunken fist fight. He told me I wasn’t applying myself. He said I should be at a higher level. I didn’t punch him because I’m not going to punch the face of the company. It was more like a drunken fight. I don’t think we were out to hurt each other. I was just defending myself, but Cena, he’s strong as hell.”

He added, “[Cena] jumped at me first. They ended up separating us about three times. I felt like he and I had always been close. I think he just wanted to see me do better. Cena is one of those guys that’s a top guy, but he wants to see other guys. He doesn’t try to hold guys down, he wants to see them come up.”

Carlito also talks about being told that he needed to “be more like Eddie Guerrero” after Eddie’s death, CM Punk being disliked backstage and more. You can hear it at the above link.

  • Steamboat

    @scooter, go to bed kid… leave the forum for grown ups.

  • Bill

    Wait, was Carlito drunk, or was Cena?… or both?

  • TrevorAllen23 @Twitter

    Carlito as WWE Champion.. now that.. That’s Cool 😀

  • ant

    cena honestly isnt the one whos holding anyone down hes just conatantly bitched at by people who dont understand how much of a good worker and nice guy he really is

  • SYM

    @scooter after hearing “Bad Man” Bigelow’s reply u feel like a Horse huh?

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow


    Well I don’t know, but I highly doubt Carlito would say anything bad if he ever wants to return to WWE. I was just asking to inquire more about the rumor of Cena and Orton keeping people down while they were on top. I vaguely recall hearing about it, but I forget the details. I am not claiming that I know.

  • scooter

    @ Bad man bigelow
    cause you totally no better than a guy that worked there and said he didn’t.

  • rko

    Sideshow bob just wasn’t cool enough…

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Didn’t Cena and Orton hold guys down while they were on top?

  • Bawb

    Ah, Cena…Probably one of the best representatives and role models for the WWE fans and for the locker room ever and, yet, he can’t seem to get his shit together with his character. Can’t wait for the WWE DVD, “The Tragedy of John Cena.”

  • Dave

    Sounds like about half of Cenas matches.

  • SYM

    @Dave sounds like the Main Event at Extreme Rules O_O

  • scooter

    In fairness it looks like he see’s Cenas side now maybe he’s matured.

  • The_electrifying_one

    @ Dave

    I actually laughed out loud at that one.

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    Yeah, dude was known to be lazy.

    Flair cut a shoot promo during their feud on Raw pretty much on the basis of his potential, and him being lazy.

  • mabry

    Carlito had/has so much potential, he had almost everything on his side, but hasnt reports come out that he was lazzy???, that sucks, cause he had everything to have a succesful WWE career…

  • Dave

    I expect he beat the crap out of Cena for about 20 minutes solid. Only for Cena to come back. Hit his 5 moves and get the win.